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Mercedes GT Track Series costs more than 405,000 USD

High performance version of the GT series limited to 55 units, equipped with many aerodynamic optimization technologies.

The GT Track Series arrives in celebration of AMG’s 55th anniversary. Therefore, the car is limited to only 55 units. The car is equipped with an exclusive glossy gray paint with a semi-gloss finish, red line decoration and anthracite color.

Under the bonnet, the car still uses the 4-liter V8 engine from the AMG GT Black Series, but with tweaked fuel injectors, pushing power to 724 hp and 850 Nm of torque. This is the most powerful AMG car. Meanwhile, the Black Series version for the road has a capacity of 712 horsepower and 800 Nm. Power is transmitted through a six-speed sequential racing Hewland HLS gearbox, tuned for the rear differential, helping the car to shift gears faster than the 7-speed dual-clutch transmission of the road version.

The Track Series uses a four-way adjustable Bilstein shock absorber. Each has high and low settings for recovery and compression, and allows for adjustment of the vehicle’s height. In addition, the driver can adjust the anti-roll bar to suit when driving.

Mercedes-AMG GT Track Series.  Photo: Mercedes

Mercedes-AMG GT Track Series. Photo: Mercedes

On the outside, the car uses a lot of carbon details, from the bonnet, spoiler, door steps, rear cover and rear bumper. This helps reduce weight at 1,400 kg. The front bumper is equipped with additional spoilers to increase downforce on the road.

To tweak the aerodynamics on the track, the hood features large air vents that direct hot air away from the engine compartment, with a proprietary splitter. The side lip is also calculated to guide cooling air into the brake system, helping the brake system to cool faster and more efficiently. The rear spoiler has also been redesigned, which can be mechanically adjusted to increase downforce at the rear.

The driver can adjust the safety system using the sports car-specific ABS and traction control system. There are 12 levels of adjustment from full support to full off, and can even adjust the front-rear brake balance.

The interior compartment is designed in a racing direction to meet the latest FIA standards, with a steel protective frame reinforced into the aluminum space frame, with an exit door on the roof. The driver area is reinforced with carbon and 5-point seat belts. In addition, the vehicle is also equipped with a fire suppression system and a safety net.

The steering wheel was developed exclusively in collaboration with the racing simulation experts at Cube Controls. The center console is fitted with a Bosch DDU 11 cruise display, designed for easy operation by the driver, the controller can even record information about the laps.

Mercedes is expected to deliver the first cars to customers in the second quarter. Priced from $405,240, buyers can choose from ventilation systems for seats and helmets, cup holders or safety frames for the passenger seats.

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