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New 10th grade program: Students have many choices, schools have a headache

Choose a subject by career orientation is one of the new points of the GDPT program that is about to be applied to the bloc student class 10. But the freedom to choose subjects between combinations causes many schools to have a headache about how to arrange classrooms and teachers – a problem that is not easy to solve.

New points in the new general education program in grade 10

Only 5 more months left, the 2018 General Education program will officially be implemented in grade 10. Because it is applied to students who have spent 9 years studying the current program, the novel nature is step-by-step. The turning point in this program change is receiving special attention.

New program what’s new? The answers of the following editors-in-chief and editors will partly answer these questions.

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Immediately after the title of each lesson is always the title: After completing this lesson, you can help students identify learning goals. From the structure to the content of each lesson, it clearly shows the innovative nature of the 2018 general education program, which was built from approaching content to approaching learners’ capabilities.

Prof. Dr. Dinh Quang Bao – Former Rector of Hanoi National University of Education, Program Editor of Biology said: “The topics of each lesson are not broken up but have to be designed in a more general and systematic way. Students will connect and process many units of knowledge to flexibly apply in life.

The golden rule in teaching capacity development is to start from the student, following the cognitive process of the student. This is also expected to help put an end to the forced teaching and exam preparation that has lasted for many years. A lot of academic knowledge will be offloaded.”

Prof. Dr. Do Duc Thai – Editor of the 2018 General Education Program in Mathematics, Editor-in-Chief of Math textbooks – Canh Kieu series of books shared: “Only what is integral and what does it do for this life. Computational techniques are all gone. Because integrals in this world are full of simple calculations, none of them are difficult. such a towel”.

For the past 30 years, and as the editor of all four Geography textbooks in four educational reforms, Professor Le Thong is well aware of the innovative nature of this program. In addition to innovation in approach to capacity development, the program is also built in the direction of differentiation and close to the career orientation of students.

Prof. Dr. Le Thong cited: “There’s content from the first page vocational guidance. On the basis of Geography with branches of Natural Geography and Social Geography, students can orient their careers, that is, what can Geography students do.

The content of knowledge in the program is also selected to ensure differentiation and closeness to the careers that students aim for. In addition to textbooks, each subject has specialized books.

There are so many big changes in the upcoming 10th grade program that schools, teachers, parents and students can hardly stay out of.

10th grade program: Students can choose subjects

Not only are there many new points compared to the current program, but the new program in high school is also considered to have fundamental differences with classes at the primary and lower secondary levels. Different from the integrated view at the lower level, at the high school level, the program is built in the direction of differentiation and close to the career orientation of students. From next school year, 10th graders will not have to study History or Chemistry, Biology… if they don’t choose, they can choose more new subjects such as Music, Fine Arts…

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Specifically, the 10th grade program will have 7 compulsory education subjects and activities including Literature, Mathematics, Foreign Language 1, Physical Education, National Defense and Security Education, Experience activities, career guidance and Local educational content.

In addition, the elective subjects include 3 groups of subjects:

– The social science group includes: History, Geography, Economic and legal education.

– The group of natural sciences includes: Physics, Chemistry, Biology.

– The Technology and Arts subject group includes: Technology, Informatics, Music, Fine Arts.

Each subject of Literature, Mathematics, History, Geography, Economic and Legal Education, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Technology, Informatics, Music, Fine Arts has a number of learning topics to create. clusters of learning topics.

Accordingly, in addition to compulsory education subjects and activities, students will choose 5 subjects from the 3 groups of subjects above, and at the same time choose 3 clusters of learning topics of 3 subjects.

Selection of combinations – Difficult problem when implementing the 10th grade program

Allowing students to choose career-oriented subjects is being evaluated as a step forward in a new, gradually differentiated program at the high school level. However, along with that is the concern that the number of subject combinations will explode if students are left to decide. Currently, schools are having a headache to solve this problem.

According to the school’s calculations, if there is no “forced” situation for students to choose predetermined subjects, there will be more than 100 ways equivalent to more than 100 combinations for students to choose from.

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In the first year of implementation, the problem of helping students to choose subjects became even more difficult when up to now, communication about the new program had barely reached parents.

More favorable when being autonomous, some private schools are forced to accelerate the enrollment process so that they can organize student selection surveys soon, thereby balancing their human resources and facilities. school.

In order to avoid the situation of “pushing” or “forcing” students into the available combinations, the school is forced to consult before choosing a placement subject to be done well. However, the job orientation for 10th grade students is in dire need of data on the output criteria, which is the high school graduation exam and university entrance examination for students applying this innovative program.

Confused about organizing a team of teachers to teach the new program?

The new program should be confusing. But the concerns and problems from schools are not resolved soon, the new elements will still be “too new”, “too difficult”, “too inadequate” when the implementation time is near.

Thus, the problem of organizing teaching and learning new programs is placing many responsibilities on the shoulders of the heads of educational institutions. In which, another difficult task is to organize the teaching staff.

If in the current program, 100% of students in the school will have to study Geography, the subject that Ms. Lien is in charge of. However, when the new program is launched next year, it is likely that only a fraction of 10th graders will choose this subject. Ms. Lien’s confession also received sympathy from the teachers who will teach electives next year.

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