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People about to criticize the way of teaching quickly “turn the car around”

Rich, famous and powerful, but David Beckham and his wife have many times fallen into the situation of public criticism, most of which is because of the way they raise their children. The Becks are often reminded of their children being too pampered, exposing their children to material things early, or repeatedly showing excessive affection for their children even though they have grown up. However, despite criticisms and suggestions, the Becks are still consistent with their parenting views. However, both always try to protect their children from scandal.

Recently, on Mother’s Day in the UK, Victoria Beckham shared on social networks a series of photos with her 4 children and wished other mothers. In the series of photos posted, there is one moment that attracts the most attention: It is a photo of baby Harper sitting with his mother, holding what looks like a glass of wine.

David Beckham's wife posted

“Harper is drinking fruit juice, not wine!” Victoria wrote.

Of course, it is completely wrong to let a child drink wine, so the photo has caused many people to be angry. However, do not rush to get angry, but look at the caption right below. “Harper is drinking fruit juice, not alcohol!“, Victoria wrote. After reading the words, people breathed a sigh of relief and praised the way Victoria protected her daughter.

“Today, David’s wife, like many other mothers, is always trying to protect her daughter”a netizen left a comment.

In fact, in addition to the acts of pampering and showing excessive affection for their children, not every time, the Becks and their wives were also criticized for how to raise their children. Both have also been praised many times for the way they raise their sons and princesses.

Accordingly, Victoria often takes her children to charity. During each trip, Harper showed interest in helping people around.

In 2018, Harper caused people to have a “heart attack” when teaching English to disadvantaged children in Sumba. Harper’s beautiful action, friendliness then received a lot of praise.

David Beckham's wife posted

Some time ago, Beckham took his daughter to the Cotswolds Wildlife Park to have fun. Harper tied her hair neatly, showing interest in being in contact with wildlife. Not only that, but she also enthusiastically cleans the cages for the animals. The most surprising thing is that Beckham’s pet daughter is not afraid of dirt, but dares to hold… a giant faeces in her hand!

Many netizens then had to laugh at her mischievous self. Many people have praised David Beckham for being a good father when he always spends time playing with his children. It is known that the famous couple always focuses on teaching their children to be close to nature and love animals. dung-hinh-vi-dong-chu-thich-20220328150155341.chn

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