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Pregnant wife wears beautiful clothes for daily walks, but husband sneaks out and discovers his secret

During the first prenatal visit, doctors always advise expectant mothers about diet and what to avoid during pregnancy. Where, pregnant women should not stay up late, limit stimulants such as tea and coffee, and absolutely not drink alcohol and smoke. However, in fact there are still some pregnant women who can’t control themselves, secretly doing things that are not good for the fetus as below.

This story was shared by a 28-year-old man surnamed Chen (living in Xi’an, China) on social media. He said his current wife pregnant about 7 months. In the first months of pregnancy, she suffered from severe morning sickness and doctors once warned her about miscarriage, so he advised her to quit her job and stay home to take care of her pregnancy, leaving her to take care of the economy. alone. Tran also wanted to let his mother live and take care of his pregnant wife, but she flatly refused, saying that she could take care of herself and didn’t want to disturb her mother-in-law.

Pregnant wife wears beautiful clothes for daily walks, but husband sneaks out and discovers his secret - 1

The husband found it strange that his wife was wearing beautiful clothes for a walk but didn’t want me to go with him.

After his wife quit his job, Mr. Tran tried to work overtime and work more to earn money to care for his wife and unborn child. That’s why he doesn’t have much time to spend at home with his pregnant wife, but luckily he is always very happy and doesn’t blame anything. By the time his wife was 6 months pregnant, Mr. Tran got a better job, working in a foreign company, so his salary was higher and he could work from home again online. He was very happy.

However, because he was working at home, Mr. Tran realized that his wife had a strange intention. About 3-4 times a week, around 3pm she would dress really nice and say go out for a walk. She repeatedly offers to go with him, but he refuses, saying he’ll just walk around the block for a bit and come back. Finding it difficult to understand, one afternoon when his wife had just left the house, Mr. Tran quietly followed. He suspected his wife had secretly met another man while she was pregnant with his child. But the secret he discovered was completely different.

Pregnant wife wears beautiful clothes for walks every day, but husband sneaks out and discovers his secret - 2

Hoa, she ran away to drink milk tea for fear of being scolded by her husband.

It turned out that every afternoon like that, his wife would go to the milk tea shop and buy a very large glass and then go to the nearby park to sit down and finish drinking. The husband, having witnessed it, didn’t know whether to laugh or cry, partly because he loved his wife, partly because he found her amusing with her hobby.

Under the video a lot of sympathetic comments from mothers because pregnancy is really a very difficult journey, sometimes you can tell it is not good food for the fetus, but because of too much desire, my mother also had to “risk” to eat . to satisfy desires.

However, many believe that this mother is pregnant, her body will be very sensitive, and milk tea is also not good for the fetus, so it is selfish to indulge like that.

In fact, the nutrition of the child in the womb comes from the mother, and the nutrition of the mother comes from food. Many studies have shown that the pregnancy diet is not as restrictive as many people think, sometimes because the mother’s body lacks something, so she craves such foods.

Whatever you say, even if you are comfortable with your diet, pregnant women should adhere to the following principles:

Say no to dangerous food

Pregnant women should stay away from raw seafood such as oysters, sushi or fish salad, unpasteurized milk and cheese made from unpasteurized milk, pate, raw or undercooked beef and poultry. Because this type can contain bacteria that are not good for the fetus.

Must ensure nutrition during pregnancy

Experts advise pregnant women to avoid alcohol and cocktails during pregnancy as they can cause birth defects, disabilities, learning disabilities and emotional problems in the baby. .

Take vitamin and mineral supplements

Depending on the nutritional needs during pregnancy, pregnant women should consider whether to supplement the nutrients from the drug. Because many times, the daily diet will not provide the body with the necessary nutrients. In fact, many mothers still need the help of special vitamin-mineral supplements for pregnant women to ensure that the body gets the nutrients it needs.

Don’t diet during pregnancy

Diet during pregnancy will have many potential dangers for the expectant mother and baby because weight loss not only reduces your weight but also affects iron, folic acid and other vitamins and minerals, other essential minerals.

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