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Qin Shi Huang worked hard to build a powerful empire, his son just succeeded to overthrow it


In 210 BC (BC), Qin Shi Huang – the first emperor of China, died. In September of the same year, the coffin of Qin Shi Huang was interred in Ly Son – which from this point on will be known as the Tomb of Tan Thuy Hoang.

The place chosen by Qin Shi Huang is located near the capital Ham Duong, with majestic mountains. Construction of the mausoleum was started when Qin Shi Huang was in office, mobilizing hundreds of thousands of people, mainly slaves and criminals.

The mausoleum has a monumental scale like a miniature citadel, outside there is a wall, inside is a palace; In the interior of the mausoleum, treasures are used to illustrate the scenery of heaven and earth, rivers and mountains. Around the mausoleum, there are hundreds of mandarins and troops made from terracotta prostrate on all sides with the hope of eternally protecting the emperor and the empire’s destiny. But the actions of the next Qin king – Ho Hoi – will make Qin Shi Huang’s wish quickly disappear.

The fact that Ho Hoi was able to take the throne was because the two righteous gods, Trieu Cao and Ly Tu, conspired together, so the turmoil in the palace occurred is understandable. Even before the burial of his father, Ho Hoi ordered the execution of his brother, Phu To, to eliminate his opponent. When Qin Shi Huang’s coffin was in place, a more cruel order was given: All childless concubines of Qin Shi Huang, along with skilled workers involved in the construction of the mausoleum, must be buried in the grave.

The concubine in the harem was brought in first so that the masons could seal the exit, then Ho Hoi’s bodyguards slaughtered the masons and closed the entrance to the catacombs. In just a short time, the tomb of Qin Shi Huang became the place where the next emperor showed his cruelty.

Qin Shi Huang worked hard to build a powerful empire, his son just succeeded topple it - Photo 1.

Model inside the mausoleum of Tan Thuy Hoang.

After completing the burial of Qin Shi Huang, Ho Hoi began to pay attention to the gods in the war of unification of China, led by Mong Diem. Ho Hoi originally intended to use Mong Diem, but the Mong family had a grudge against Trieu Cao. Trieu Cao immediately fabricated the story of Qin Shi Huang, who established Ho Hoi to succeed him, because Mong Diem instigated him to change to Phu To, and threatened Ho Hoi that if he didn’t take action soon, the Mong family would to take revenge for Phu To, so he immediately asked to move the Mong family.

Ho Hoi quickly followed Trieu Cao’s will and decided to execute the brothers Mong Nghi and Mong Diem. First, the edict against Mong Nghi was brought down, writing: “The Emperor wanted me to be the crown prince, why did you stop several times? Now, Trieu Cao tells you that you have no loyalty, that crime deserves to be destroyed the whole family. I can’t bear to give you your own sin. If you have loyalty, you must understand me and quickly solve it.”

Mong Nghi received the mat, then knelt down and complained: “God is in charge of the army outside, how do you know what’s going on in the palace? Saying that the god induces the emperor is no different than saying that the emperor is not wise. Kings and kings are wise, they do not kill unjustly, hope Your Majesty consider carefully.”

The official at that time was Khuc Cung, who already knew Trieu Cao’s intentions, so he didn’t give Mong Nghi time to complain, but immediately withdrew his sword to cut Mong Nghi.

After finishing the trial of Mong Nghi, Ho Hoi sent a decree to blame Mong Diem. The mat reads: “Your brothers have all committed serious sins, and now they only blame you.” Mong Diem clearly saw the situation, knew that there was nothing to deny, so he only replied to the mandarin: “Although the gods are far away, there are still many soldiers who listen to them, if they want to rebel, wait today. In the court there is a false god, now just want to use his body to warn the court.” After Mong Diem replied, he drank poison and committed suicide.

Qin Shi Huang worked hard to build a powerful empire, his son just succeeded topple it - Photo 3.

Outside the mausoleum of Tan Thuy Hoang.

The news about the court, above and below the Qin country was shaken. Ho Hoi and Trieu Cao quickly pay for their mistake. Without many good generals, the Qin army could not resist the rebel armies. In 207 BC, Trieu Cao made a coup to overthrow Ho Hoi and right after that, Trieu Cao himself was overthrown by the coup. The next year, the anti-Qin armies led by Xiang Yu entered Hamyang, ending the Qin Dynasty.

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