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Quang Liem finished second in Rapid Chess Championship 7

Player Le Quang Liem lost to world number 21 player Dmitry Andreikin in the final of the Rapid Chess Championship week 7, morning of March 28.

Quang Liem Starting from the quarterfinals, on the morning of March 28, Hanoi time, he met the Dutch player Benjamin Bok. Vietnamese chess players drew the chess game quickly, then won the game of blitz thanks to the sacrifice of the pieces, attacking the castle beautifully.

Quang Liem fights against Benjamin Bok

Quang Liem (white army) defeated Bok by sacrificing his army to attack the citadel.

In the semi-finals, Quang Liem defeated David Paravyan in the first quick game of chess. The game ended when Paravyan had only six seconds left, and Quang Liem had four minutes and 42 seconds left. The victory put Quang Liem in the final against Andreikin. Andreikin won the world U20 in 2010, and twice won the Russian championship in 2012 and 2018. He even entered the Candidates 2014 – the tournament to choose the challenger to the Chess King. Magnus Carlsen.

Quang Liem matches Andreikin in fast chess, and has the advantage of holding white in blitz chess. The Ho Chi Minh City player won the world Blitz chess championship in 2013, but Andreikin is also a master of this content. The 32-year-old Russian player is ranked 21st in the world of standard chess, and 18th in blitz. Andreikin attacked the white king’s wing, but Quang Liem still defended well. However, Vietnam’s Super Grandmaster made a mistake and lost a good in the middle, leading to great damage in the endgame. Quang Liem could not hold out in the endgame against the car and the two pawns.

Quang Liem in a game of blitz with Andreikin in the final.  Screenshots

Quang Liem in a game of blitz with Andreikin in the final. Photo: Screen capture

Quang Liem accepted second place, receiving $ 3,500, while Andreikin received $ 7,500. This position helps Quang Liem advance 14 steps to climb to 10th on the Rapid Chess Championship total scoreboard.

Rapid Chess Championship is a fast chess tournament system with a prize fund of 650,000 USD Chess.com organization. The tournament consists of 25 stages, taking place every weekend, European time. After these 25 stages, 16 high-achieving players entered the final round to choose the champion.

Every Saturday, the top 100 male players, 10 female players, 10 young players and 10 wildcards will be invited to play the Swiss system nine games, with 10 minutes for each side. The top 8 in this round will go to the knockout round on Sunday. The weekly bonus fund is 20,000 USD.

On the morning of March 27, Hanoi time, Quang Liem ranked seventh in the qualifying round with 5.5 points. He reached the quarterfinals with Fabiano Caruana, Amin Tabatabaei, Bok, Andreikin, Alexey Sarana, Gata Kamsky and Paravyan. The higher ranked player in the qualifying round will get the white piece in the fast game. Former world runner-up Caruana was eliminated by Andreikin in the semi-finals.

In the first six weeks, Caruana won twice, leaving Hikaru Nakamura, Maxim Matlakov, Ian Nepomniachtchi and Levon Aronian first each. This is the third week Quang Liem has attended the Rapid Chess Championship. His best performance in the previous two weeks was reaching the quarterfinals.

Week 8 of Rapid Chess Championship takes place on 2/4 and 3/4. The competition day starts at 11pm, Hanoi time.

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