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Russian forces surrounded Kiev with heavy losses, retreating to entrench in Belarus

Defense officials Ukraine On Sunday, several Russian military units had returned to Belarus via Chernobyl to regroup after losses were increasing as the “special military operation” launched by Moscow entered the week. Thursday.

In a statement issued on Saturday, the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine (GSAFU) said that an unspecified number of units of the Russian Army had left Ukraine and entered Belarus.

However, the GSAFU also said that these units may return to strengthen the effort to besiege the Ukrainian capital Kiev.

“Some (Russian) units have been sent to the Chernobyl district to continue moving to the territory of the Republic of Belarus for the purpose of restoring combat capabilities,” GSAFU said in a post posted on Facebook.

“It is possible that after taking these measures – regrouping and consolidating forces, the enemy will continue to blockade Kiev from the southwest,” emphasized the General Staff of the Ukrainian Army.

Ukrainian army: Russian forces surrounded Kiev with heavy damage, retreating to entrench in Belarus - Photo 1.

Military map of Ukraine as of March 27. Source: Al Jazeera

In an update on the military situation at 22:00 on March 27 (local time), the Ukrainian Army also said that the Russian forces besieging Kiev were retreating after suffering heavy losses.

This withdrawal significantly reduced the intensity of the Russian offensive and forced some units to regroup in Belarus.

In addition, according to Ukrainian officials, Russia is transferring Iskander missile systems to the city of Kalinkovichy in the Gomel region in southeastern Belarus.

According to the New York Times, fighting continued around the Ukrainian capital Kiev over the past weekend. On Saturday, Russian forces shelled Boyarka, a town on the outskirts of Kiev.

The GSAFU said it was able to stop the movement of Russian troops towards the town of Brovary, while asserting that Russian forces in the area are now on the defensive.

“In the Brovary direction, the opponent’s forces were stopped. The enemy was forced to turn on the defensive,” GSAFU said, adding that “Russian forces are suffering significant losses.”


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