The 41-year-old “brown-haired painter” is still a “top of the top” A-list star, the audience is full of music nights, “underground giant Vbiz” has a huge fortune that makes many people admire

The most popular female singer in Vbiz with a “huge” income

Over 20 years of singing, My Tam is still the most attractive name as a “top” A-list star in the Vietnamese entertainment world. The female singer always possesses a large number of fans with her own charm.

This was clearly demonstrated in her recent concert in Da Lat. In each opening day, ticket sales continued to take place. Fans also lined up to participate in this special event, proving the non-trivial popularity of the star born in 1981.

On her personal page, My Tam shares pictures taken at the minishow “My Soul 1981” in Da Lat. Although it was held on a small scale, the fans enthusiastically supported and filled the seats.

The 41-year-old

My Tam shows off her radiant beauty in the minishow in Da Lat. (Photo: FB My Tam)

The 41-year-old

The attraction of an A-list star does not change over time. (Photo: FB My Tam)

Possessing a large fan base and top charisma, it is not difficult to realize that My Tam’s income from singing is not a small number.

According to the Newspaper, My Tam received a salary of about 100 million VND for a show night. It is reported that a brand paid 300 million dong for three songs by My Tam during the opening ceremony of a store in Da Nang. Many years ago, the singer was also involved in a scandal around the price of $ 6,000 just to participate in a show in her hometown.

According to an election show in the US, the vocalist born in 1981 is also one of the artists with the highest foreign singing salary, ranging from $7,000 to $15,000.

Owning a “massive” fortune at the age of 41

After decades of singing and accumulating assets, My Tam is considered as one of the underground giants of the entertainment industry with a huge fortune. However, she is quite secretive about both her personal life and her fortune, always living a simple and modest life. This makes fans even more fond of “Brown-haired painter”.

The 41-year-old

The hundred billion building in Saigon

Not to mention the existence of small real estate, just the superficial property is estimated to be worth up to 100 billion VND, located on a prime route of Saigon, it is enough to affirm My Tam’s class. .

The building with a spacious façade, elaborately designed and built under the direct direction of the female singer, was inaugurated in 2012. This is a favorable business location that many popular brands are looking for. want to own.

The 41-year-old

The luxurious hundred billion building of My Tam.

The 41-year-old

Inside is a fashion store designed by My Tam herself.

The 41-year-old

One of the few images of luxurious design inside My Tam’s building.

Entertainment service company

My Tam is also a pretty cool person in the business world. She is the director and legal representative at My Tam Entertainment Services Company Limited (MT Entertainment).

MT Entertainment was born in 2007 and is responsible for the communication, distribution of music products and management of artistic activities of the female singer born in 1981. In addition, the company also operates in other sub-fields such as production. produce cosmetics, bags, clothes, shoes (not produced at the head office); Restaurant business; Invest in building entertainment areas: swimming pools, golf courses, tennis courts…

Later, in December 2012, MT Entertainment also had a new branch located in District 3, Ho Chi Minh City.

Notably, for 4 consecutive years from 2016 – 2019, MT Entertainment continuously made a profit, improving its business results, as noted by Vietnambiz. Specifically, the company’s net revenue in 2019 increased by 49% compared to 2018 when reaching VND 47.8 billion. Previously, in 2016, 2017 and 2018, MT Entertainment once recorded net revenue at VND 8 billion, VND 13.6 billion and VND 31.9 billion.

The company also accompanies My Tam to bring home many prestigious awards. Revenue from the company’s business activities is also used to operate a charity fund named “Brown-haired” female singer.

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The 41-year-old

Business results of My Tam Entertainment Services Co., Ltd. period 2016 – 2019. (Graphic: Tuong Vy).

Own your own fashion brand

The plan to build a fashion brand with her name was spent by My Tam for no less than 2 years to ‘conceive’ and come up with ideas. The female singer personally researched customer tastes and product line orientation pursued by the company, and sketched the style herself. The costumes performed each time on stage were also selected by My Tam from her fashion brand.

The 41-year-old
The 41-year-old

My Tam’s fashion brand has prospered in the area of ​​Nam Ky Khoi Nghia street.

My Tam’s fashion company not only owns the attraction from the reputation of “Brown Hair Artist” but also has a variety of designs and prices. The price of fashion items here ranges from a few hundred thousand to several tens of millions of dong. Thanks to that, the business efficiency is also very significant.

Luxury cafe in Japanese style

In addition to the entertainment and fashion company, My Tam is also involved in another field, which is the business of a Japanese-style cafe. The space of the restaurant is luxuriously designed, with modern furniture in a delicate and romantic taste. The facilities here are heavily invested, so they are rated on par with famous hotels.

The 41-year-old
The 41-year-old

The space of My Tam’s luxurious and quiet cafe.

Charity Foundation named after me

With funding from an entertainment service company, My Tam established a charity fund named after her to realize her desire to help more unfortunate fates in many parts of the country.

Her charity fund targets orphans, children with disabilities and poor children who are studious. Every year, the charity fund gives the children many valuable scholarships. Fund activities are organized with a total estimated budget of about 1.4 billion VND.

At the same time, she also participates in many other community activities to help disadvantaged people.

The 41-year-old

The simple and dedicated image of the female singer when participating in community activities makes fans admire.

Silver luxury car

Despite owning a simple lifestyle, without the habit of changing cars according to trends, My Tam also bought herself a “terrible driver” worth billions of dollars to be a companion. With a high level of sand, this is not a difficult task for the female singer.

She used to be loyal to the red Mitsubishi Lancer Gala 1.6 car for many years. Until 2010, the singer born in 1981 decided to spend money to buy an Audi Q7 car with a price of 3 billion dong.

The 41-year-old

Close-up of the luxury car of ‘Brown-haired painter’. gia-ngam-vbiz-so-huu-gia-tai-khung-khien-bao-nguoi-tram-tro-2022032811310983.chn

According to Thuy Phuong

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