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The actor is at risk of being investigated by the police

Recently, The Guardian newspaper had an article with attention-grabbing headlines surrounding the actions of Will Smith at the last 94th Academy Awards: “Violence Is Bad: Hollywood Reacts To Will Smith Beating Chris Rock”.

Will Smith’s act of “slapping” a colleague right on the Oscar stage has become the most popular topic on social networks today. In addition to supporting and agreeing, there are also many opinions against Will Smith’s action.

They believe that, regardless of the cause, this is still considered an act of violence.

One of the first to speak out about Will Smith’s actions is the actor’s son. On his personal Twitter page, Jaden Smith shared that: “And that’s how we do it.”. Will Smith’s 23-year-old son shows support.

Hollywood reacts with mixed reactions to the

Jaden – Will Smith’s son spoke up.

Singer 50 Cent shows support for Will Smith: “The *** name never gets greasy with me”.

Hollywood reacts with mixed reactions to the

Singer 50 Cent

After the Oscars, actor Lakeith Stanfield was also asked by reporters about Will Smith’s moment: “I don’t know, it’s crazy. I don’t know, it’s surreal.”.

Meanwhile, actress Sophia Bush wrote on her Twitter that: “Violence is not okay. Assault is never the answer. This is the second time Chris mocked Jada on the Oscars stage and tonight he talked about her hair loss. Speaking of illness. someone else’s is wrong. It’s cruel to do so intentionally. Both need to take a deep breath.”.

Hollywood reacts with mixed reactions to the

Actress Sophia Bush.

Additionally, a representative from the Los Angeles City Police Department (LAPD) recently released a statement regarding the incident that took place at the 94th Academy Awards: “The LAPD’s investigative agency was aware of an incident between two individuals in the Academy Awards program. The incident involved an individual slapping another. The individual involved refused to report to the police. If in the future, the litigant wants to report the incident, the LAPD is willing to accept it for investigation.”.

Source: The Guardian

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