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The chairman of a hospital in Hanoi accused of beatings and rape

On March 27th, speaking with PV Dan Viet, Ms. D.NB (Hanoi City) confirms that his family has filed a complaint against Mr. LMT (Chairman of the Board of Directors of Hanoi General Hospital, Head of Department. 1 Hanoi University) committed sexual coercion, threats, beatings, and mental terror on his daughter to the authorities.

Based on the complaint, Ms. VNH (Mr. B.’s daughter) knew Mr. T because Mr. T was a colleague and student of Ms. B. After Ms. H graduated from university, Mr. T. invited Mrs. H. to return home to work at the hospital where he is Chairman of the Board of Directors, promising direction and guidance in the workplace.

Since Ms. H. back to the hospital for work, Ms. H. accused Mr. Q. despite having a wife and children, but teased him and asked him to have sex, but Ms. H refuses. Even at one time Ms. H. traveling in Da Nang, she was drunk and raped by Mr. T.

The head of a hospital in Hanoi was accused of amp;#34;amp;#34;  spanking, forced sex - 1

Ms. VNH accused Mr. LMT threatened and raped her. Image is for illustration only

The censure also states that, since then, Mr. T. has used every means possible to force Mrs. H. into an informal relationship with him and threatens, if Mrs. H. does not accept, a hot clip will be released.

“From around January 2020 to January 2022, I was repeatedly subjected to mental violence and sexual rape by Mr. T,” said Mrs H in the application.

Moreover, according to information from the accuser, every time Mr. T had sex forced Ms. H to take many actions to satisfy her sexual orientation, for fear, Ms. H did not speak up.

In January 2022, because she was too tired and couldn’t take it anymore, Ibu H asked to end her relationship with Pak T, but was beaten, threatened, and mentally terrorized by Pak T.

The head of a hospital in Hanoi was accused of amp;#34;amp;#34;  spanking, forced sex - 2

Mr T said the threatening message was sent to Mrs B’s phone. Photo: NVCC

In particular, on January 26, 2022, Mr. T hit and punched him repeatedly in the head, eyes, face, and kicked his knee joints when he suggested ending the relationship. On January 27, 2022, Mr. T took her to a hotel in Hanoi and raped her twice.

In the following days, Mr. T continuously abused Mrs. H’s spirit through text messages, telephone calls and face-to-face meetings, even Mr. T sent terrorist messages, threatening and challenging his mother. message when Ms. H. blocked Mr. T.

To broaden public opinion, PV Dan Viet contacted Mr. LMT to discuss the above information.

When PV asked about the information that was criticized and responded to by Mrs. H., Mr. LMT replied, not knowing how to say it and not daring to say it.

“Right now, I’m also not saying anything because it’s related to someone else, related to SMALL

What I said is right, what is wrong…., if it’s good for me, maybe not good for third person or not good for NH Or good for NH, it’s not good for me, that’s not true, sorry.” said Mr. LMT.

In response to PV’s question about whether related units such as the university where he works have been contacted to verify the information in the complaint, Mr. T. said, “Because it’s related to the school, to the hospital, to the complaint. Even for my family, I can’t say anything. Is it because those people are innocent people…so I can’t answer you at all.”

“The truth will become the truth. I am a parent, both law students, I know the truth, no matter how I say it, in the end it will be the same. No one can twist the truth. It’s real” – added Mr. T.

When PV asked further questions about whether Mr. T was waiting for the final result from the authorities to deal with the matter, Mr. T did not immediately answer the question but hoped for understanding from PV.

“This is when I’m in trouble, you see, I can only say that. Maybe in difficult times it was confusing like this, what… he sympathized, like a grieving house. I can only tell you like that,” said Mr T.

The Vietnamese continue to inform readers about this incident.

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