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The “chicken queen” and 4 women assaulted the police lieutenant colonel

On the morning of March 28, the Investigative Police Department of Cho Moi District, An Giang Province said that it had completed the investigation conclusions, and at the same time transferred to the People’s Procuracy of the same level to propose the prosecution of 10 defendants for the crime. Against people performing official duties”.


From left to right: Nguyen Van Nhon, Huynh Van Lam and Tran Van Nam

Before that, at about 19:40 on 12/12/2021, receiving news about the appearance of many objects in Kien An commune, Cho Moi district, who were shaking money and losing money, Lieutenant Colonel Nguyen Phu Cuong, Truong Kien An Commune Police, deploying forces to the above location to round up.

Seeing the police appear, the subjects fled. The functional forces arrested Nguyen Van Nhon (1967) and seized many exhibits related to gambling.

Seeing Nhon being arrested, Nguyen Phuc Hau (SN 1987, nicknamed “Hau Chicken”), Nguyen Chi Hai (SN 2000) and Chau Thai Duy (SN 1999) and some people nearby ran back to fight and push. Lieutenant Colonel Cuong and his forces were on duty to let Nhon escape.


From left to right: Chau Thai Duy, Nguyen Chi Hai and Nguyen Phuc Hau

Taking advantage of the dark night, some subjects had vulgar words and assaulted Lieutenant Colonel Cuong and the task force. The incident calmed down when the Cho Moi District Police arrived at the scene to disperse the crowd, and at the same time invited the relevant subjects to the agency to work.

Through the initial work, “Hau chicken”, Hai and Duy have admitted their violations.


Defendants Ha Thi Chi Linh (left) and Nguyen Thi Trinh


Defendants Huynh Thi Tieu Lam (left) and Nguyen Thi Tuyet Mai

In the process of expanding the case, the Investigation Police Agency of Cho Moi District Police identified Nguyen Van Nhon, Huynh Van Lam, Tran Van Nam, Ha Thi Chi Linh, Nguyen Thi Tuyet Mai, Nguyen Thi Trinh and Huynh Thi. Tieu Lam acted against the task force in the above case.

Caught in the act of a gambling den led by a woman

On the morning of March 28, the Police Investigation Agency of Rach Gia City, Kien Giang Province was consolidating records to criminally and administratively handle 21 subjects for organizing gambling and gambling.

Accordingly, at about 4:00 p.m. on March 26, the Criminal Police Department of Rach Gia City, in collaboration with the Vinh Hiep Ward Police, caught a gambling den in the form of playing 3-card scratch cards for money in the neighborhood of Ranges. Oc, Vinh Hiep ward.


The suspects in police office

When they heard the police, some subjects quickly escaped. However, the police force arrested 21 people (including 13 women), seized more than 50 decks of cards, nearly 120 million VND and many other related exhibits.

A gambling venue organized by Le Thi Thuy Diem (born in 1989; residing in Hon Dat district, Kien Giang province) organized and collected money. In order to avoid the police’s arrest, Diem hired a guard to guard the road from afar.

Every day, this gambling venue attracts a lot of gamblers (mostly women) to win and lose with each game from 300,000 to 500,000 VND, causing instability in the local security and order situation.

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