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The female star talked about the scene replayed 5 times with an older male colleague

Sunday, March 27, 2022 13:16 PM (GMT+7)

The beautiful 9X bitterly burst into tears recounting the behind-the-scenes scenes of hot scenes with her older co-stars.

Mikami Yua is a famous Japanese 18+ actor. Possessing an innocent face like an angel but with a hot body, Mikami is dubbed the “18+ movie goddess”. The beauty born in 1993 joined the 18+ film industry in 2015. Up to now, the 28-year-old actress has been active in the industry for 7 years.

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Movie Angel 18+ Mikami Yua.

According to Chinatimes, Mikami recently accepted as a guest appearance in a vlog of a popular Japanese YouTuber. In the video, the 18+ movie goddess shares the difficulties of filming hot scenes while also revealing many industry secrets. The beauty born in 1993 said, currently, her acting speed is one movie per month.

Talking about the 18+ film industry in Japan, Mikami Yua said, in the industry there are many female actors but very few male actors. Because the disparity is so large, the gender imbalance is unbalanced. Every year, dozens of male actors will come to casting and try, but only 2 will stay. This shows that actors acting in hot movies are under a lot of pressure.

“There are a lot of male actors who quit because they can’t stand the huge amount of work. In addition, the scenes are all dominated by female actors. If they don’t do well, the male actor will be beaten by you. The acting is very bad. Many people can’t stand this plus their pride, and they quit their jobs.”Mikami Yua revealed.

When asked about the most difficult scene ever, Mikami Yua frankly said that working with the director was the hardest thing for her. Since the director wanted to make a long film while she only wanted to shoot a short film, it didn’t take too long.

“The longer the scene lasts, the more tired the female actor becomes. Male actors easily lose interest, even some people can’t control themselves, such as older male actors. Finally, scenes like that will make the actor feel tired and depressed”, 9X beauty said.

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9X beauty used to cry on set when acting with an actor the same age as her father

The 28-year-old actress also recounted behind the scenes filming with a veteran actor, the same age as her father and uncle. “I just wanted to finish the scene quickly, but he couldn’t control his body. The scene was stretched and made both sides uncomfortable. Because I couldn’t stand it, I cried on set.” Mikami Yua revealed.

9X beauty said, she just stopped crying until she heard the director’s scream. Due to many incidents, she and her co-star had to repeat the same scene 5 times to reach it, which made her exhausted. “At that time, I was only worried that I would have to return until morning.”Mikami Yua added.

After hearing Mikami Yua’s revelations, many viewers expressed sympathy and were surprised to know that behind the scenes filming hot scenes was not easy. According to HK01, Mikami Yua currently has a fortune of more than 70 hot film works. In addition to acting, in recent years, she has also entered many other roles.

Besides running a YouTube channel, Mikami Yua also runs a fashion business and founded a clothing brand called “Miyour’s”. According to HK01, she currently manages many social networking channels bearing her name such as TikTok with 1.9 million followers, YouTube with 550,000 subscribers and Instagram with more than 3 million followers.

With more than 6.7 million followers on social networks from the three platforms above, Mikami is currently Asia’s most popular 18+ movie goddess. HK01 said that the fashion store designed by Mikami is doing very well. The actress’s store set an amazing record when it sold 15 million yen (about 3.1 billion VND) in 10 minutes. It is known that her customers are mainly female.

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