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The forgotten fruit suddenly “crown” in the COVID-19 outbreak and has tremendous health benefits

MSc Herbalist Vu Quoc Trung

Bo Bo is a fruit that is very familiar to Vietnamese people, especially in rural areas. Master, doctor Vu Quoc Trung (a member of the Association of Vietnamese Oriental Medicine) said that in the past, grasshoppers were very valuable, it seems that every home has one, especially for cooking shampoo.

However, with the advent of many shampoos, grasshoppers gradually “depreciated” and have a forgotten period of time. It was only when the COVID-19 outbreak emerged and spread that this fruit “resurrected” and the price was very expensive but still not enough demand for serving.

Therefore, most people buy grasshoppers to inhale to help clear the respiratory tract. Herbalist Vu Quoc Trung believes that this is true, but it is necessary to be very careful when using it, otherwise it will have the opposite effect, which is harmful to health.

According to Mr. Trung, grasshoppers are mostly used when they are ripe, black and dry. In oriental medicine, locust fruit is spicy, salty, medium and slightly poisonous. “The lotus is a rather special fruit, although it is not used to be eaten, but it carries direct practical benefits for health that few (edible) fruits have,” said Trung.

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Grasshopper fruit was hunted unexpectedly during the COVID-19 pandemic, although previously it had been forgotten.

Especially for people with nasal congestion and colds, you can use locust fruit to burn and smell it, but absolutely not to use too much, don’t use it with small children, pregnant women. For adults, the dose is only 3 to 4 pieces that are burned, then inhaled quickly to help ventilation and facilitate breathing.

In addition, grasshopper fruit can be used as a medicine to get rid of phlegm, even with thick and thick phlegm. In particular, in the case of sputum that condenses in the bronchi, causing chest discomfort, chest tightness leading to dry cough, cough and asthma, vomiting phlegm can also be used to support treatment. This treatment should be carried out and under the guidance of a qualified person.

In oriental medicine, grasshoppers are also used to clear milk ducts, clear urine and cause intestinal obstruction, especially after surgery. Not only fruit, grasshopper thorns can also be combined with several drugs to treat ulcers, cancer…

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Grasshopper fruit is poisonous, so everyone should be very careful when using it.

Trung also recommends that, because locusts are poisonous, it is best to consult a professional when using. Pregnant women should not use grasshoppers because this fruit contains substances that stimulate the cervix, making it easy to give birth prematurely, miscarry and adversely affect the fetus.

People with weak spleen and stomach should also not use grasshoppers because it will cause flatulence, stomach pain, stomach pain, indigestion, indigestion, insomnia…

Some remedies from grasshoppers may refer to:

– Cough treatment: 1g grasshopper, 1g cinnamon, 4g big apple, 2g licorice, 1g birth, 600ml water, 200ml remaining color divided 3 times a day.

– Clear the nose, refresh the brain: Dehydrate fresh or dried grasshopper fruit, crush it and mix it with drinking water, the taste and aroma of grasshoppers has the effect of clearing nasal congestion, nasal congestion, ventilation and mental refreshment.

– Treatment of women with swollen breasts: Burnt thorns count 40g, lime is 4g. Both flavors are finely ground, well mixed, 4g each time.

– Treatment of a child’s full stomach: Burn the grasshopper fruit on a charcoal stove, catch the smoke with your hands or betel leaf, then press it on the child’s stomach.

– Treatment of pinworms: Use grasshoppers to burn the powder, mix with peanut oil or sesame oil soaked in cotton to enter the anus, do it at night, 3 days in a row, once a day.

– Treatment of boils so as not to burst pus: 5 – 10g of grasshopper thorns, cook with drinking water. Can combine grasshopper thorns with honeysuckle, licorice, 2-8g each, drinking water coloring.

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