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The giant python suddenly “went mad”, biting the woman’s hand

Clip: The giant python suddenly “went mad”, biting the woman’s hand directly

Recently, on social networks appeared a clip recording the scene of a woman being bitten on the hand by a python, making viewers shudder.

Specifically, a woman is opening the lid of the cage to prepare to feed the python. When the animal stuck its head out, the woman gently reached out and touched the animal.

However, just 1 second later, it suddenly bit the owner’s hand and used its whole body to squeeze this person’s arm. Although the woman tried to remove the python from her hand, she could not.

Discovering the incident, a young man standing next to him tried to intervene but the python still refused to let go of the woman. At the end of the clip, blood can be seen seeping from the woman’s arm and the woman is still trying to remove the animal from her hand. It is known that the python in the clip is an individual brocade python.

Pythons, scientific name Python reticulates, is said to be the longest python species in the world. They are distributed mainly in South Asia and Southeast Asia. They usually hunt animals such as mice, civets, pigs, sometimes also birds. Pythons live near humans and eat dogs, cats or chickens.

Like other pythons, brocade pythons are non-venomous and do not kill their prey with a bite. The bite is only to hold the prey, while the killing is carried out by wrapping the python’s large body around the bait to squeeze it to death.

Although non-venomous, the bite of the python causes a lot of bleeding and can cause serious infection because the python’s mouth contains many dangerous bacteria.

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