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The reason why men still don’t have birth control pills

Male fertility control is complicated by the lack of a drug that is both effective, safe, and affordable.

Recently, scientists in the US revealed that they are developing a birth control pill for men. Accordingly, this drug does not contain hormones, is 99% effective in preventing pregnancy in rats. Human trials could begin later this year.

However, it is likely to take up to 5 years for the drug to reach the market.

For thousands of years, people have used methods to prevent pregnancy. They use everything from honey to crocodile dung to do it.

Throughout history, much of the responsibility rests with women. Today, they are at the heart of 3 of the most common forms of birth control:

– Sterilization (surgery)

– Taking pills (containing hormones that prevent conception)

– Long-term reversible contraception (IUD, implant).

Men also play a role in preventing pregnancy. Some wear condoms or have sterilization surgery (vasectomy).

Currently, scientists are still trying to find a male contraceptive.

The reason why men still don’t have birth control pills

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Research shows that many men welcome the choice of hormone-based birth control pills. In a survey, up to 83% said they would take this drug. But finding such a drug has been slow.

This drug is safe, reliable, effective, cheap, easy to use, has no serious side effects…

Male birth control is also complicated. For a pill to work, scientists need to do at least one of the following:

Slowing down or stopping spermatogenesis and formation

– Prevent sperm from leaving the body

– Slow down sperm to prevent them from reaching their destination

– Keeps sperm from fertilizing an egg

Many drugs are tested but still do not meet the requirements. Some are injections, not pills. That’s not ideal. Some have the potential to cause liver problems or have to be taken more than once a day. Side effects such as acne, weight gain, and changes in sex drive and mood may also occur.

Many inventors turned to the male sex hormone testosterone, alone or in combination with other hormones, to find a contraceptive. Besides, that non-hormonal solution is also being considered.

Experts have even come up with a hormone-based gel that can be applied to the upper arm once a day, dramatically reducing sperm count with minimal side effects.

A large study of injectable hormone combinations showed promise in 2016. Even with some side effects, 75% of those interviewed after the study said they would use it again.

A process known as Risug has been developed for decades in India. With this method, men will inject a long-lasting substance once. This substance enters the vas deferens. After the injection, the sperm cannot leave the body.

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