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The suspect who killed the lover who dismembered the body in Ninh Binh calmly confessed to the crime

Provincial police Ninh Binh Still continuing to investigate and clarify the case of Pham Van Dung (37 years old, residing in Nam Binh ward, Ninh Binh city, Ninh Binh province) about the brutal murder of his lover, causing a stir in public opinion for the past 2 days. .

The victim in the case is Ms. Nguyen Thi T. (30 years old, living in Tam Diep city, Ninh Binh province).

Initially at the police, Dung calmly confessed his crime. In particular, he is not addicted to drugs as rumored.

Mr. Pham Van Nam (68 years old – Dung’s father) said: After being discharged from the army and applying to work at an export company in Hanoi, he was thoroughly examined, so there was no drug addiction…”.

He also said that the family has 3 children, Dung is the youngest child, above have 2 older sisters who both work at companies near home.

According to Mr. Nam, before his son did well in school and took the 2nd year exam, then he entered the military school in Xuan Mai, Hanoi.

After graduating from school, he returned to work in Lang Son.

When he brought the rank of captain Dung, he was discharged from the army because he could not stand the cold.

After returning to the locality for a while, his married life had a conflict leading to a divorce in November 2021. Although the two have one child together.

Mr. Nam said that the family knew his son’s relationship with Ms. Nguyen Thi T. and this girl had come to his house to play a number of times and stayed for dinner.

The suspect who killed his lover, dissected his body, calmly confessed to the crime and was not addicted to drugs as rumored - Photo 2.

Mr. Pham Van Nam shared with PV.

Previously, on the afternoon of March 27, Ninh Binh City Police received a complaint from Mr. Pham Van Nam about his suspicion that his son Pham Van Dung had killed and hidden Nguyen Thi T.’s body at home.

After receiving the report, the functional force detained Pham Van Dung to clarify the case.

At the police station, initially, Dung confessed that although he was married, through social networks, he had an acquaintance, rented a motel and lived together as husband and wife with Nguyen Thi Them (married, currently employed in Ninh Binh city).

On the morning of March 23, because he did not want to rent an apartment in Ninh Binh city anymore, he went to Pham Thi Tuyet’s house, in Nam Binh ward, to find and return Dung’s personal belongings to stay at their shared motel. Dung did not agree, and there was a dispute between the two sides. After that, the subject kept More at Dung’s sister’s house and did not let her go.

At about 6:45 pm on the same day, the two continued to have a conflict, Dung used his hand to strangle Mr. More until he stopped breathing and then lay next to the victim’s body until the next morning. Next, Dung put the body in a pot (used to cook banh chung) and went to buy gasoline to burn, but when he saw the smell, he extinguished the fire.

At noon on March 25, Dung took the body to the bathroom on the first floor and put it in two plastic containers available at home and then dragged it to the second floor. Not stopping there, the subject bought cement and poured it with water into two barrels until it solidified and stored it in a cabinet.

Before going to the police station, Mr. Nam locked the door of the room to prevent Dung from escaping.

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