The unfortunate career of the Vietnamese-born star was forgotten by Hollywood

After two decades, Quan Ke Huy returned to the big screen with “Everything Everywhere All at Once”. In the movie, he plays the husband of actress Duong Tu Quynh.

According to Straits Times, Quan Ke Huy became famous in Hollywood since childhood. He played the role of Short Round – Harrison Ford’s companion in the famous Indiana Jones film And The Temple Of Doom (1984).

At that time, Quan Ke Huy was a rare phenomenon in Hollywood. For the first time, an Asian actor does not play the role of a henchman or a flashy appearance in a movie project.

Two years later, Quan Ke Huy again appeared in the hit comedy-adventure film called The Goonies. After that, he completely disappeared from the movie capital.

And after more than 30 years, Quan Ke Huy – the name that was forgotten by Hollywood – has returned.

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Quan Ke Huy (right) in the movie Indiana Jones And The Temple Of Doom. Photo: IndieWire.

The struggle of the Vietnamese-born child star

After two notable roles, Guan continued to appear as Sam in the television series Together We Stand (1986-1987), then as Jasper Kwong in the sitcom Head of the Class (1989-1991).

In 1991, he starred in the film Breathing Fire and played a supporting role in Encino Man (1992). The last time Guan Ke Huy was seen on screen was in the movie Second Time Around, co-starring Trinh Y Kien and Truong Ba Chi.

The disappearance of Ke Huy was interested in the media for a short time. But according to Hollywood’s harsh rules of elimination, he quickly fell into oblivion.

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Quan Ke Huy was forgotten by Hollywood after the movie The Goonies. Photo: The Times.

According to the Straits Times, after leaving Hollywood, the actor attended the University of Southern California, majoring in Film. He then worked as a stuntman, martial arts choreographer, assistant director and once collaborated with director Wong Kar-wai through the film 2046 (2004).

After a few small projects in Hollywood, Quan Ke Huy chose to develop his career in Asian countries. He looked for opportunities in Japan, then acted in Taiwanese and Hong Kong films. However, that did not bring good results for the Vietnamese-born child star.

In an interview with the Straits Times, the actor said it was an accident that he left the movie capital and went to Asia to film.

I was lucky enough to get a few really memorable roles as a child. But to be honest, when I was growing up a bit, the opportunities for Asian Americans like me were completely nonexistent. That’s why I stayed away from acting for 20 years.”Quan Ke Huy said.

The Hollywood child star insists he never wanted to give up acting, because this is one of the greatest professions in the world. At the press conference Everything Everywhere All at Once, the film starring Duong Tu Quynh, Quan Ke Huy said he is ready to return.

I was faced with the difficult choice of whether to continue waiting for the opportunity or try something new. I’m finally back”the actor told the Straits Times.

“Finally I’m Back”

In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, Quan Ke Huy said this is the right time for him to return. The success of The Asian Super Rich, the sitcom Fresh Off The Boat and the aura of Michelle Yeoh are the main inspirations of child star Indiana Jones.

“I really appreciate Asian Super Rich. It was a landmark movie in my life. I watched it and said this is what I want to do. I called a longtime friend to let him know. She helped me revive my career“, I said.

Everything Everywhere All at Once is a science fiction film directed by Daniels Kwan. In the film, Duong Tu Quynh plays the role of a Chinese immigrant in the US who stands up against the evil forces. In his return to the cinema, Quan Ke Huy played the husband of the star Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon.

The unfortunate career of the Vietnamese-born star was forgotten by Hollywood-3The unfortunate career of the Vietnamese-born star was forgotten by Hollywood-4
Quan Ke Huy plays Duong Tu Quynh’s husband in the new movie. Photo: Straits Times.

Answering Entertainment Weekly, Duong Tu Quynh said she was very excited about the return of Quan Ke Huy. “Huy hasn’t acted in two decades and now he plays the role of my husband. I’m happy that Huy has a chance to come back. Filming with him is very comfortable.”the actress said.

Director Daniel Kwan said he discovered Quan Ke Huy on social networks. “BILLIONI think his age is suitable for the role. I chose Huy for the role without casting anyone else. He’s a funny guy, very suitable for the role.”Kwan said.

In the sci-fi movie, Chinese-born star Stephanie Hsu plays the daughter of Michelle Yeoh and Kwan Ke Hui. In an interview with the Straits Times, Hsu said that today Asian-American actors have more opportunities in Hollywood. They are also more “sober”, not accepting roles that are defamatory and prejudiced like the previous generation.

However, she also sympathizes with Quan Ke Huy. Because his generation has only two choices: Either accept the preconceived role, or disappear from Hollywood. “They have no choice,” Hsu told the Straits Times.

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Quan Ke Huy talks with director Steven Spielberg on the set of Indiana Jones And The Temple Of Doom. Photo: Getty.

At the same time, Hsu expressed gratitude to veteran actor James Hong – an Asian-born star who acted in more than 600 films in Hollywood. He was a pioneer for the Asian presence in the movie capital.

I really feel that the growing presence of Asians in Hollywood is largely due to people like James. They are constantly striving, breaking terrible stereotypes. I’m so grateful for that.”She added.

After the sci-fi movie starring opposite Michelle Yeoh, Quan Ke Huy continued to appear in the Disney+ comedy series called American Born Chinese – an adaptation of the novel by Destin Daniel Cretton. The content of the film tells about the battle of an immigrant boy caught up in the war of the Chinese gods.

According to the Straits Times, with the continuous appearance in two Hollywood movies, along with the stepping stone as the child star of the Indiana Jones series, Quan Ke Huy’s return date is not far away.

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