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‘Trinh Van Quyet’ and ‘FLC’-Information Technology

Monday, March 28, 2022 10:55 AM (GMT+7)

The queries related to Mr. Trinh Van Quyet and FLC Group are increasing sharply on Google’s search engines.

Google Trends is one of the useful tools to consult about what people are searching for on the Internet at any given time or time period. Google Trends shows how popular certain phrases have been, and how their popularity has changed over time. SEOs (search engine optimizers) often use it for keyword research.

Google Trends will not show the search volume of specific keywords. Instead, it shows the relative popularity of a search query (or possibly a topic) related to something and rates it on a scale of 0 – 100. In addition, in the comparison section. Compare analytics by region, user Internet You can also view search trends for the selected area.

"Hot"  Top Google today: 'Trinh Van Quyet'  and 'FLC'  - first

Google Trends is a tool to refer to the most “hot” related topics and keywords in real time or a specific time period. (Screenshots)

For example, today (March 28), recorded at 10:30 a.m., topic FLC has held the number 1 position in the ranking of the most popular topics due to Google Statistical Trends. This topic “climbing the rank” to such a high position is thanks to information about the plan of FLC Group and Bamboo Airways in continuing to coordinate with the Vietnamese Embassy in the UK to organize the Promotion Forum. investing in London on March 30.

The forum organized by FLC with the theme “Discovering the most unique multidisciplinary ecosystem in Vietnam” with the participation of leaders of Vietnamese and British government levels, leaders of diplomatic missions, financial institutions, fund management companies, investment funds, businesses, potential individual investors in the UK and Europe, Vietnamese and international news agencies and press.

In addition to the goal of providing information on areas that attract foreign direct investment flows in Vietnam such as tourism infrastructure, aviation, real estate as well as cooperation in exploiting the tourism market between Vietnam and Vietnam. Nam and England, the event also answered questions related to the legal framework, investment attraction policies, investment environment in Vietnam,…

"Hot"  Top Google today: 'Trinh Van Quyet'  and 'FLC'  - 3

Top 3 topics listed by Google Trends at 10:30 am on March 28: FLC, Oscar 2022 and Suriname. (Screenshots)

Before that, on March 27, the top 1 position was related to him Trinh Van Quyet – Chairman of the Board of Directors of FLC and Chairman of Bamboo Airways. The Google Trends report shows that the article leading this trend is to answer the question: “There used to be nearly 60,000 billion when ROS exploded, how much money is Mr. Trinh Van Quyet holding in his hand? “.

Accordingly, at the time of publication of the above article, on the morning of March 28, on the stock exchange, Mr. Trinh Van Quyet owned a total asset of VND 4,789 billion from shares of FLC, ROS, GAB and ART. However, this is just an extremely modest number of this giant compared to the golden age of 2017.

In 2017, the chairman of FLC owned capitalized assets of 58,852 billion VND (more than 2 billion USD), an increase of 25,046 billion VND compared to 2016. By 2018, Vinh Phuc’s wealth suddenly “falled”. ‘ to 15,572 billion VND. Thus, Mr. Trinh Van Quyet’s assets as of March 27 only reached 8.1% compared to that time, excluding the trading session on March 28 when FLC shares were being sold off.

If the topic related to Mr. Trinh Van Quyet on March 27 was searched by Internet users in 24/63 provinces and cities in Vietnam; the topic of FLC on March 28 is being searched by Internet users in 23/63 provinces and cities in Vietnam. Both trends are still continuing to increase the volume of queries, especially keywords flc stock, decide flc,…

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