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Twice tested negative, assistant coach Park Hang Seo looks forward to returning to work

Language assistant Le Huy Khoa tested positive for SARS-CoV-2 as soon as he arrived in Japan. Share with VTC NewsMr. Khoa said that before going to Japan, he tested negative for RT-PCR. When he received the results of COVID-19 by rapid test at the airport, Mr. Khoa was transferred to the isolation area on March 25.

Regarding the isolation area, the Japanese side did not test again on the 26th and 27th, although at the airport they said they would test and return if there were no symptoms within 28 hours.“, said coach Park Hang Seo’s language assistant.

Because Japanese medical staff did not support testing, assistant Le Huy Khoa tested himself again using the rapid test method. He tested negative for the first time on the evening of March 27 and the second time on the morning of March 28.

Twice tested negative, assistant coach Park Hang Seo looks forward to returning to work - 1

Assistant Le Huy Khoa and Coach Park Hang Seo.

The Vietnamese team proposed to carry out the confirmatory RT-PCR test for assistant Le Huy Khoa, but up to this point, Japan has not agreed.

“Surname don’t want to give me a PCR test. I explained that this test would give the most accurate results, but disagreed. When I did a quick self-test, the result was negative, but I still couldn’t leave the isolation area, which Japan required to stay here for 8 more days.y. They explained that the Japanese side wanted to wait another 7 days and then test once“, Mr. Khoa added.

During the pre-match press conference this afternoon, coach Park Hang Seo also complained about the Japanese host’s way of preventing the epidemic. He assessed:

Three members of the Vietnamese team, doctor Anh Tuan, and two players Duc Chinh and Adriano Schmidt, were isolated from last night until noon today. Another case is our language assistant Le Huy Khoa, when he got to the airport with a positive rapid test result, it seems to be a pharyngeal translation test. I think testing at the airport is appropriate.

However, when assistant Le Huy Khoa was taken to the isolation facility, we asked for a PCR test to check for accuracy, but the Japanese side did not agree. We want to test PCR to improve accuracy, no other purpose, but as of today, it has not been agreed. We need more respect. I say it because it’s completely right“.

Also in the press conference, Mr. Le Huy Khoa had to translate online via Zoom software, instead of being present directly with the team.

Twice tested negative, assistant coach Park Hang Seo looks forward to returning to work - 2

Assistant Le Huy Khoa has been with Coach Park Hang Seo for more than 4 years.

The lack of language assistants significantly affects the training and competition of the Vietnamese team. Without a translator, the communication problem between Coach Park Hang Seo and his students during practice and in the match will be more difficult. A player with a good Korean language, Xuan Truong, was unable to attend the trip due to COVID-19.

Without a translator, how can you direct and work?“, Coach Park Hang Seo asked.

At this time, assistant Le Huy Khoa just hopes to get an RT-PCR test soon, if negative, he will be facilitated to return to work with the team. “Without me, I don’t know how the team will communicate, there’s a lot of work ahead“, Mr. Khoa shared.

17:35 tomorrow, the Vietnamese team kicks off the curtain 2022 World Cup qualifiers with Japan. After 9 matches, Park Hang Seo’s teachers and students have 3 points, ranked at the bottom of Group B.

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