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VietinBank received a double award at the Outstanding Retail Bank Award Ceremony

The award is organized by Vietnam Banks Association (VNBA) in collaboration with IDG International Data Group to honor banks with outstanding achievements and contributions to Vietnam’s banking and finance industry.

The “Alias ​​- Account Nickname” fever attracts customers

Wishing to bring outstanding services in terms of features and utilities to customers (customers), in 2021, VietinBank will launch the service of ordering Alias ​​- account nicknames.

The account nickname service allows account holders to be creative in naming and choosing for themselves an account name associated with the store name, brand name, feng shui, phone number or a series of alphanumeric characters as desired, contributing to affirming each individual’s personality and style.

VietinBank received a double award at the Outstanding Retail Bank Awards Ceremony - 1

Deputy General Director Tran Cong Quynh Lan on behalf of VietinBank received the award.

Thanks to the easy-to-recognize and easy-to-recognize naming system, account holders and customers can easily transact quickly to receive money transfers through Alias ​​without having to remember account numbers even though paying from any bank.

The unique and easy-to-use Alias ​​service is pioneered by VietinBank in Vietnam market. In particular, in the program Tao Quan 2022, Alias ​​is trusted by “Ngoc Hoang” with Alias ​​”NgocHoang” making a strong impression with “Assistants” and the Apples, showing a very personal and impressive style.

Currently, VietinBank applies free to set Alias ​​account as a phone number and free to set Alias ​​for business customers so that more and more customers can access and use this unique and preeminent service.

With the benefits, outstanding features and convenience of Alias ​​Service, VietinBank excellently received the “Outstanding Innovative Service Bank in 2021” Award. This is the second consecutive year VietinBank has received this award.

VietinBank received a double award at the Outstanding Retail Bank Awards Ceremony - 2

VietinBank received a double award.

The award is a testament to VietinBank’s creative efforts to find its own direction and catch up with market trends to launch products and services with high applicability and value to life. In the coming time, VietinBank will launch more new products and services, bringing convenience, speed, safety, satisfaction and trust to customers.

Impressions of retail activity

Innovative products and services, retail activities with strong and sustainable growth are the basis for VietinBank to honorably receive the Outstanding Retail Bank Award in 2021 for the second time in a row. The results achieved in retail activities are shown convincingly through key business figures and targets in 2021.

Specifically, selective bank credit growth goes hand-in-hand with risk control and debt quality, ensuring safe and effective lending activities, and building trust with customers. In addition to solutions to promote credit growth, VietinBank also quickly and promptly issued incentive programs and policies to support and accompany customers affected by the COVID-19 epidemic, helping customers to overcome through difficulties.

VietinBank is one of the pioneer banks in deploying an online overdraft loan product for retail customers with a fully automated process flow, suitable for the pandemic context, thereby helping customers to be financially proactive. for spending without going to the bank and doing complicated procedures.

VietinBank received a double award at the Outstanding Retail Bank Awards Ceremony - 3

Alias ​​booking service – account nicknames attract customers.

2021 is also the year of the strongest CASA development in VietinBank’s retail activities with the proportion of CASA reaching nearly 15% of the total retail mobilized capital. As a result, VietinBank reduces input costs for financing and lending to meet customers’ capital needs with preferential interest rates.

Besides, VietinBank is constantly diversifying and developing new products and services to meet customers’ needs and increase non-interest income.

Card payment activities continued to maintain the first market share in the market. Card payment sales in 2021 increased by nearly 40% compared to 2020. VietinBank also successfully deployed a number of key card products, creating a buzz in the market such as: Sendo co-branded card; Domestic Credit Card 2Card, iZero; Non-physical International Credit Card.

Another highlight in VietinBank’s retail activities is the continued innovation and investment in technology, transformation, rapid growth in scale and number of transactions via VietinBank iPay digital banking channel. To attract customers who do not have a bank account, VietinBank pioneered to convert iPay Mobile into a sales channel through eKYC electronic customer identification technology.

VietinBank iPay Mobile expands the ecosystem to increase customer experience with more than 60 new and upgraded features in 2021 and officially deploys iPay Web to be consistent with iPay Mobile in terms of experience, interface and features for customers.

Especially, from January 1, 2022, VietinBank applies a “terrible” policy with a special offer: unconditional free for all customers transacting on VietinBank iPay digital banking channel.

Accordingly, customers are exempted from all transaction fees on digital banking channels, including: transfer fees inside and outside the system via VietinBank iPay, payment account maintenance fee/payment account package, maintenance fee maintaining VietinBank iPay service, maintenance fee for account balance fluctuations via OTT, domestic/international debit card issuance fee, Alias ​​booking fee by phone number.

This allows customers to reduce service costs, comfortably perform transfer and payment transactions via digital banking channels, and maximize benefits for all customers.

The two Retail Awards achieved are recognition of VietinBank’s efforts in the process of building and constantly improving products and services, meeting all diverse needs, and bringing the highest satisfaction to customers. as well as well implement monetary and non-cash policies of the State Bank and the Government.

VietinBank’s retail activities have recently received many prestigious awards from prestigious organizations:

– Award “Vietnam’s best e-banking application 2021” for VietinBank iPay Mobile and “Best deposit product in Vietnam 2021” for 3 payment account packages awarded by The Asian Banker.

– VietinBank iPay Mobile is the only e-banking application to win the title of “Top 10 Sao Khue” for 2 consecutive years in 2020 and 2021.

– Top 10 Vietnamese users in 2021 for Alias ​​products – Account nickname.

– The award “Best Retail Bank in Vietnam 2021” awarded by International Finance Magazine – is the 6th consecutive year the Bank has won the award, after 5 consecutive years being honored as “The Bank” by Global Banking and Finance Best Retailer in Vietnam”.

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