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What jobs does Preventive Medicine bring?

Studying in block B (Math, Chemistry, Biology) but not too good, I plan to apply for Preventive Medicine but don’t know what job opportunities are.

I am a 12th grader in Hai Duong. Right from the 10th grade, I decided to study deeply three subjects Math, Chemistry, Biology to enter the medical exam and the goal is Hanoi Medical University. However, I feel that my academic strength is not enough to pass the university’s General Medicine major, so I am planning to switch to Preventive Medicine. Last year, this major of Hanoi Medical University only got nearly 25 points.

Even though I researched online, I am still confused as to how this industry is different from General Medicine, do I have high job opportunities after graduating and what skills do I need besides expertise?

Looking forward to sharing from experienced brothers and sisters.


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