Will Smith punches co-worker in the face to protect his wife

Although not over yet, but the Oscars 2022 ceremony made the Internet explode with the moment Will Smith punched comedian Chris Rock in the face right on live broadcast. The cause of the incident came from a somewhat sensitive joke by Chris about Jada Pinkett Smith, Will’s wife.

Will Smith punches Chris Rock in the face right on the live broadcast of the Oscars 2022.

As usual, the guests of honor at the Oscars will take turns announcing the winners in different categories. Before that, they will have a few words to send to the audience, maybe some personal feelings about the nominations of the year, or maybe jokes to make the atmosphere more cheerful and comfortable. . Chris Rock is no exception.

Selected as announcer for Best Documentary Feature, Chris opened with a not-so-subtle bit of comedy:Jada (Pinkett Smith), I really like you, and can’t wait to see you in GI Jane 2“. Everyone understands, the actor is trying to “cheat” that Jada had to shave his head because of the hair loss disease – similar to the image of Jordan O’Neill character played by Demi Moore in GI Jane (1997).

Hearing this, Will Smith immediately stood up, stepped on stage and punched one of his close colleagues in the face. After returning to his seat, the Men in Black star even shouted a warning:Don’t touch my wifewhile Chris Rock was quite confused: “I’m just joking“. In the end, the comedian had to put out the fire: “This is the best night in television history” and quickly announced the winner in the Best Documentary Feature category.

Will Smith's fist

Although he laughed at Chris Rock’s joke, after that, Will Smith seemed to be quite inhibited when his wife was “joke” right on a big stage.

Some viewers watching the live broadcast of the Oscars 2022 said that the show’s producer had to temporarily turn off the sound for a few seconds, probably because of Will Smith’s swear words. After returning to his place, the actor was still quite resentful, despite being comforted by many other stars such as Denzel Washington, Bradley Cooper or Tyler Perry. Fortunately, Will’s anger was probably somewhat tempered soon after, when he won the best actor category for his role as Richard Williams in King Richard.

It doesn’t matter what the results are in the rest of the important categories, but it’s clear that this will be one of the most memorable moments not only of this year’s awards ceremony, but also of the nearly century-long history of the show. Oscars.

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