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With this hair, how can A Business Proposal’s assistant have a bed with secretary Cha!

Playing the role of Jin Young Seo – the female lead’s best friend, actress Seol In Ah became one of the most popular characters in the movie. Dating in the Office (A Business Proposal). Looking at her beautiful short hair image, few people knew before that, Seol In Ah had been loyal to long, feminine hair for many years. However, if the tile set is left to be so unimpressive, Jin Young Seo probably won’t have a bed with secretary Cha!

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Time to have long hair, Seol In Ah used to curl waves, instead of straightening like now. However, this “set of tiles” is not suitable for the small face of the beauty, even making her “dull”.

The best girl is still a gentle curly style, combed in the middle, with the ends of the hair curled inward full of femininity. However, if you put it on the comparison table, the short-haired version of Seol In Ah still eats the long hair, right? Luxurious, great atmosphere!

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In addition to the middle part, “Jin Young Seo” also pays attention to the bangs. She often grows long bangs to make her face feminine and gentle, and at the same time covers her chubby face in some periods. Admittedly, the actress has smooth bangs, great value for money! Besides, Seol In Ah also combined the hairpin tie to “hack age”.

She also changed the wind with bangs covering her forehead – specifically, the sparse rain. This set of bangs helps the actress’s visual become sweet like a doll, with a retro feel. In addition, she also had a “big play” time when choosing a pretty stupid, cute flat roof. But in general, there’s nothing as charming as short hair like in the movies A Business Proposal isn’t it all right?

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