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100 VF e34 cars are about to start the journey to conquer the top of the country

According to the program just announced by VinFast, a group of 100 VF e34 cars will gather in the center of Ha Long city (Quang Ninh province) to begin the trip to conquer the northernmost tip of the country – Sa Vi cape (Mong city). Female).

Pioneering customers of VinFast will experience the road to the meaningful destination of the country, the coastal roads of the world heritage bay and especially the place to receive the first sun in the region. North – Sa Vi cape.

Besides the experience behind the wheel, more than 100 VF e34 owners will also have the opportunity to participate in meaningful exchange activities during the journey. The entire cost of accommodation and accommodation during the trip is sponsored by VinFast – information on the company’s official website says.

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The distance of nearly 200km is considered a large-scale challenge with the model car Vietnam’s first smart electricity. Pioneering users will have the opportunity to experience the model’s outstanding performance and smart features together tram urban VF e34 on many types of terrain, in many different conditions, including many complicated winding mountain roads.

After only 4 months since officially reaching customers, VinFast’s C-sized electric SUV has received a lot of good feedback with its modern, spacious design, good acceleration and smooth operation.

Smart features on the VF e34 are also impressive such as voice-controlled virtual assistant technology with multi-regional Vietnamese recognition, remote software installation (FOTA) and many safety technologies such as: lane warning, cross-traffic alert when reversing, 6 airbags, 360-degree camera…

In addition to products, VinFast’s battery rental solution also received positive feedback from users with flexible packages for each use need. As for battery charging, in addition to a 2.2kW mobile charger, VinFast provides a 7.4kW wall charger for users in need. A network of charging stations with many charging options is being actively deployed by the company.

At many parking spots and commercial centers across the country, images of blue charging stations are appearing more and more. Up to now, VinFast has installed about 40,000 charging ports of all kinds, covering 63 provinces and cities and is continuing to accelerate the plan to cover charging stations throughout Vietnam.

Caravans connecting users are always a desirable event of VinFast. In 2019, the historic trip of nearly 100 VinFast cars (including 3 petrol models Lux SA2.0, Lux A2.0 and Fadil) to conquer the top land of Ha Giang took place successfully with beautiful moments. are still kept and shared to the present day.

The trip to Sa Vi cape – the place where the first pen stroke was drawn on the map of Vietnam – is particularly awaited because of its historical significance when for the first time 100 Vietnamese smart electric cars will be together. rolling, conquering the roads to reach the top regions of the country. A memorable journey with a destination awaits the pioneers with VinFast to open the era of electric cars.

To participate in the Caravan “Conquering the Fatherland with VF e34”, members only need to be the owner of the VF e34 electric vehicle and meet a number of mandatory health requirements, vehicle registration deadlines, and a license. driver… Then, customer fills in information at: from 20:00 on March 28, 2022 to 8:00 p.m. on March 30, 2022. Each car owner is invited to invite one more relative (over 18 years old) to join.

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