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5 signs of a trustworthy person

Credibility is the highest rating of a person, an organization, and a brand. This is also the standard for us to work, a direction to strive for.

Although reliability is a feeling, there are also signal. Here are 5 points that determine if a person is trustworthy.

Keep comments

Whether it’s work or life, we judge a person as untrustworthy, often because he is prone to breaking promises and breaking promises.

One of the most obvious characteristics of a trustworthy person is to fulfill what is promised, to deliver what is promised. Such people often have more opportunities and are respected by others.

Stay up-to-date on progress, explain why

Promise someone to do something, you need to keep it in order to be trustworthy. This doesn’t mean it’s done promise but does not produce results is not a reliable person. You still give others confidence if you can’t complete your report by Wednesday, but during that time you update and explain to colleagues and superiors about the problems that make the job unsatisfactory. In contrast, the untrustworthy person does not have any timely feedback on the progress of completing the report.

Everything should be exchanged and responded to. For things that cannot be completed, it is necessary to notify them early so that others can promptly respond.

Do not brag

Speech is also a signal of whether a person is trustworthy or not. People who like to brag are often unreliable. They tend to be strong on the outside, but cowardly on the inside, sounding good in words, but poor in doing things. Truly trustworthy people often speak carefully, do not show off, show off, do everything honestly, without lying.

In life, if you don’t have the ability, don’t brag, because eventually you will be discovered, so you will lose face and shame.

Responsible and principled

The reason why a person is trustworthy is because they have a sense of responsibility and a sense of responsibility. When they promise someone something, even if they can’t do it, they will feel guilty, so they will find a way to keep it. This shows that reliability is a result driven by a sense of responsibility.

Similarly, a person who reassures everyone is also determined not to do things that should not be done, much less never touch things that should not be touched. They know where to stop and where to limit.

Good ability, careful thinking

A person is judged trustworthy also from competence. At the company, they are serious, responsible; be able to communicate and respond in a timely manner; able to get the job done well. The more powerful a person is, the more secure and trustworthy a person feels.

The ancients advised, find smart people to talk to and reliable people to work with. In fact, someone will come to find a reliable person, because this is a person’s top attraction and also a quality we should equip in life. When you cultivate this quality, your life will also be lucky and happy.

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