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Another hot clip “TA 29s”, many people asked for an offensive link, “sorry owner” had to speak up

A few hours ago, on forums, netizens were actively spreading information about a 29-second clip. Posting accounts all hinted at the keyword ”TA 29s”, there were also people who directly wrote the name of the female lead – thinking that it was hot girl Tram Anh, accompanied by a sexy image.

Again hot clip

The hot clip is said to be of hot girl Tram Anh

Although it is not clear what the content of the clip is, below this article, hundreds of comments immediately appeared on the “wait spot” and asked for an objectionable link.

Again hot clip
Again hot clip

Many accounts ask for links, “dot wait” is offensive

Worth mentioning, there are some accounts that do not hesitate to ask for clips directly, even though the Facebook platform is tightening the sharing and distribution of sensitive clips, because it is easy to “fade” the account.

Again hot clip

Not only asking for a link, there are accounts that also describe obscene, very offensive

In fact, there have been many cases of account loss or being subject to strict Facebook restrictions when sharing (publicly or via messaging) sensitive clips.

Specifically, in August 2021, a series of accounts suddenly “disappeared” when clicking to view and distribute child-sensitive clips. Even those in the same group who have this link, even if they don’t spread it, suffer the same fate.

Again hot clip

Many accounts have “faded colors” because of watching and sharing sensitive clips on social networks

Because her name was called into the 29-second clip, on the same day, Tram Anh immediately spoke up. She denied that the character everyone was referring to in the clip was herself. Hot girl from Thanh also said that she would ask the police to intervene in this case to reclaim her honor.

Again hot clip

Tram Anh was once caught in a scandal revealing a sensitive clip with her boyfriend in April 2019. In the midst of the noise, the hot girl almost disappeared from the social network.

“Everyone, what people are saying is not me, it’s a graft. I will report this to the police to solve this case. It’s the right number of phi, sitting still is also annoying”Tram Anh is angry.

Distributing other people’s sensitive clips is a violation of the law. Accordingly, those who distribute and share sensitive clips of others may also be prosecuted for penal liability under Article 326 of the Penal Code. Specifically as follows: Any person who creates, copies, circulates, possesses for the purpose of disseminating books, newspapers, paintings, photographs, movies, music or other articles with obscene, depraved or other conduct Distributing depraved items shall be subject to a fine of between VND 10,000,000 and 100,000,000, a non-custodial reform for up to three years or a prison term of between six months and three years.

If the digitized data is between 5 gigabytes (GB) and less than 10 gigabytes (GB); common for 21 people to 100 people… fines from three to 10 years in prison. The 7-15 year penalty applies to data from 10 gigabytes (GB); popular for 101 people or more…

In case the above video size is less than 1 GB, the act of making, storing and distributing this video will be administratively sanctioned according to the provisions of Decree 174/2013/ND-CP with a fine ranging from 30 to 50 million copper.

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