China’s A-list stars are out of time to become a millionaire by acting in movies

Chinese stars used to enjoy salaries of up to tens of millions of dollars. Currently, their salary has decreased deeply because of the policy of controlling wages and the impact of the epidemic.

In mid-February, China’s General Administration of Broadcasting and Broadcasting (NRTA) strictly strengthened the regulations on paying artists in showbiz.

The principle of limiting actors’ salaries to no more than 40% of the total production budget, where the lead actor’s salary cannot exceed 70% of the rest of the actors’ salaries, is mentioned again. To ensure that the wage cap order is strictly enforced, the NRTA has announced that it will continuously conduct income audits, reviewing production costs in the entertainment industry from 2022 to 2027.

Producer Giang Giang confirmed with Sohu, the salary of tens of millions of dollars has disappeared from Chinese showbiz. “After a series of actions to severely handle violating stars, eliminating the “forbidden culture” from the management agency last year, no more artists dare to shout remuneration. Forget the days when stars received sky-high salaries.” Giang Giang said.

Chinese stars have half the price of wages

According to producer Ta Xiaohu, Chinese actors’ remuneration has decreased by 30-50%, the current limit is $6.2 million. This number is $2.8 million lower than in 2021, when the red line with big-name stars was $9 million.

He said that the A-class artist class used to receive an average salary of 12.5-14 million USD in the field of TV series or entertainment shows, now this number has decreased by more than half. Young Chinese artists currently only earn 740,000 USD/project, instead of 1.5-3 million USD as before.

China's A-list stars are out of time to become a millionaire by acting in movies-1China's A-list stars are out of time to become a millionaire by acting in movies-2China's A-list stars are out of time to become a millionaire by acting in movies-3A Chinese A-list star is out of time to become a millionaire by acting in movies-4
A-list stars or high reputation in the market can only receive a maximum of 6.2 million USD in remuneration. Photo: Sina.

Producer Giang Giang revealed an actress in the top 8X Tieu Hoa Dan, once paid $ 7.8 million / TV show, but was halved on the day she returned to the industry after giving birth. “The producer gave a straight figure of $3.1 million for her to think about signing or not signing. With the current difficult situation, that actress even didn’t want to accept the job.”Giang Giang said.

Giang Giang added that a female artist famous for the historical-war film genre also has a salary that has dropped dramatically, down nearly 10 times compared to before. Before the period of stable remuneration, this artist received 1.5 million USD/TV series.

According to To Hieu, Director of SMG Film and Television Center, Chinese showbiz is currently experiencing a wave of strong salary cuts, only a few stars can keep their remuneration prices stable, but the amount they receive is high. The most is only 4.7-5.2 million USD. “The cultural management agency is gradually eliminating the culture of ‘extravagance’ to bring the Chinese entertainment industry out of the status quo of working for artists.”To Hieu said.

End the expansion of the artist world

Before the regulation of tightening the salary was introduced, veteran stars like Huo Jianhua and Zhou Xun pocketed more than 10-16 million USD/TV series. Famous miniatures such as Duong Mich, Angelababy, Chau Dong Vu are also well paid 12 million USD for each work they participate in.

Kris Wu was confirmed to have earned more than 12.3 million USD in the 72-story show in 2017. In which, the producer took the male singer’s mother to go shopping for 900,000 USD so that Ngo Diep Pham could have a cooperative attitude. good during filming. In 2021, Trinh Sang once made the audience “surprised” when he pocketed a salary of $ 25.1 million for 77 episodes of the ghostly goddess.

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Angelababy will reduce 90% of remuneration from 2020 to receive new films. Photo: Sohu.

The huge number of salaries above is the Chinese film production giants are willing to spend on the hottest faces in the market to draw attention to the project.

The interference from both sides in the issue of income leads to uncontrolled remuneration inflation in Chinese showbiz when artists expand their power, are not afraid to ask for a good salary, and investors because of their response Respondents also boldly spend large amounts of money to “seduce” stars.

This leads to a decline in film quality due to inadequate funding, unfair pay practices, and hundreds of times the income gap between supporting actors, behind-the-scenes staff, and the lead artist.

According to To Hieu, before 2018, Chinese showbiz was a messy “auction” battleground between film production companies. The great benefit brought by the trending star made the crew spend most of the cost to invite them to participate in the work. Because they want to win the most famous star, the producer wears the artist to increase the salary by multiples until it reaches the threshold of 15 million USD.

“In 2016, the remuneration of first- and second-class actors increased by nearly 250%. Participating in a project, the stars took away 31.3 million USD, while the production cost was 47 million USD,” Wang Lei said. Thanh – Director of Shanghai Tienan Film and Television Center said.

Therefore, the expensive remuneration of Chinese artists has been a painful problem, causing public anger for more than a decade.

Since 2018, the Chinese government has decided to limit the salary paid to artists. According to To Hieu, the first-line stars once expressed their displeasure at the 50% reduction in remuneration, but now everyone accepts the fact that the “two-day movie can buy a penthouse” time is over.

To Hieu said that currently, the income of many Chinese-language entertainment stars is not only reduced because of the “remuneration stabilization” policy, but also influenced by market factors, reputation and talent.

Producer Tieu Phong revealed that most actors whose acting skills are complained by the audience receive very low salaries, and lose the right to claim wages even if they are A-list stars. They can only accept children. $3.1 million or less for a television project.

The tax chaos, the epidemic situation and many violating artists were stripped naked, causing the Chinese showbiz to change.”To Hieu said.

In the past three years, China’s film production industry has seen hundreds of companies go bankrupt or fall into a serious financial crisis, said the director of the SMG Film and Television Center. Therefore, the monopoly production mechanism is gradually eliminated.

Currently, video platforms such as iQIYI, Youku, Tencent, Mango emerge as the main investors, producers and distributors of movies. However, they do not “play” to pour huge amounts of money into the pockets of artists like movie investment units before 2018.

The remuneration of Chinese artists has really decreased, not an ordinary decrease, but a deep decrease.”, Cung Vu confirmed. During the recent Five-Year TV and Film Industry Plan Conference, iQIYI CEO affirmed that the lowering of wages is a good sign for the Chinese entertainment industry.

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