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Competence assessment test of Vietnam National University Ho Chi Minh City was reflected ‘with errors’

One day after the aptitude test organized by the Vietnam National University, Ho Chi Minh City, on exam forums, many candidates reflected that a question in the question was wrong due to lack of data. Because they were not allowed to take the test paper out of the room, many candidates copied and reproduced the above question.

Specifically, the content of the question that made the most candidates respond was related to the pie chart about statistics. The test is given only as percentage data in a circle and requires candidates to answer questions related to funding sources.

According to them and some math teachers, the question “puzzles” candidates because the question lacks data about the total initial capital.

“If there is no data on the total capital, they cannot solve the question in the lesson. This part takes up 30 points, so it is very disadvantageous for them” – a teacher commented.

Another contestant expressed: “I had to beat the pie chart part because I had read and checked the data very carefully, but the question was very strange, there was no clear data. In the illustrative question, there were also similar sentences, but There are enough relevant data for candidates to solve, but the official exam questions are missing. I informed the proctor, but when the proctor checked the exam questions in the room, all of the questions were the same. The exam co-reviewed so that we don’t lose points unjustly.”

Competence assessment test of Vietnam National University Ho Chi Minh City was reflected in error - Photo 1.

The part of the exam that the candidates thought was wrong was redrawn by them and posted on the forums because after the test was over, the proctor had collected all the exam questions.

On the review groups for the ability assessment with tens of thousands of members, after the exam ended, a series of candidates also shared about this pie chart question when they thought that the question was wrong, causing waste of time for students. children.

In addition, some candidates also said that in the test, there was another question with the same two answers, making the candidate not know how to choose.

A math teacher also commented: “How much capital must be given according to the estimate, so that I know $ 9,695,000 from external support accounts for how much % of the capital and how much is missing compared to the estimate of 20%. know how much more loans need to be increased from the market”.

On the afternoon of March 28, Dr. Nguyen Quoc Chinh, Director of the Center for Testing and Evaluation of Training Quality (National University of Ho Chi Minh City), confirmed that the exam board also received feedback on the questions given to the students. there is an error. Specifically, a pie chart question and a question with the same choice. All reflections are contained in the minutes of the board.

According to Mr. Chinh, at the end of the test, the exam questions were collected and sealed, so the exam board has not yet approached the exam questions. The exam board will approach the exam question and take appropriate action to ensure the interests of the candidate…

Mr. Chinh also said that the competency assessment test was carefully selected from thousands of questions. However, Mr. Chinh admitted that the construction of the exam questions cannot avoid errors or technical errors in the printing stage.

It is known that on March 27, Vietnam National University, Ho Chi Minh City held the first round of competency assessment. The exam took place at the same time in 17 localities, with 36 exam clusters and 80 test sites. Of the 17 localities where the exam took place, Ho Chi Minh City has the largest number. In the first phase, there were about 85,000 candidates registered for the exam, but 82,400 candidates completed the procedures and the percentage of candidates present was quite high, reaching 96.4%.

Competence assessment exam of Vietnam National University Ho Chi Minh City was reflected in error - Photo 2.

Candidates before entering the exam room at the exam site of Quang Trung University, Binh Dinh. (Photo: VNA)

Participating in the exam, candidates will take a multiple-choice test with 120 questions, in 150 minutes. The test has three parts, using language (40 sentences); mathematics, logical thinking and data analysis (30 questions) and problem solving (50 questions). Candidates should only leave when the test time is up and not take the test paper or even scratch paper from the test area. The results of this exam are used by more than 80 universities and colleges.

This year, more than 80 universities and colleges have chosen the results of this exam for university admission. In which, the enrollment rate through this form is from 10-15%. Schools in the national university block can recruit up to 70% from the results of this exam.

This is the 5th year of organization, with a simple way of organizing the exam, saving costs and time for candidates, the Competency Assessment Exam of Vietnam National University Ho Chi Minh City attracts more and more attention. of students and universities and colleges.

Candidates can also take part in the second round of this exam to be held in May, which is 2 months before the National High School Exam.

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