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Crystal announced her divorce from her Korean husband: Haven’t made love for 2 years

Despite the divorce, Pha Le still gives all respect to her husband, and the deceased mother-in-law.

On the morning of March 29, singer Crystal shocked public when announcing divorce from Korean husband. This is the end of the couple after less than 2 years of marriage registration.

Originally shared by the female singer:

“Hello all of you!

This will be an IMPORTANT NOTICE that wants to be officially sent to all those who love the Snail family for so long!

My father and I have officially broken up ah!

Actually, those who know my family will know that this is not a new story, everything has been going on for a long time, even when we took this picture, we were all alone.

I don’t know what everyone’s opinion is, but with my family, Manny and I don’t have any disagreements, no third parties, no quarrels, no fights and no enmity, we It’s so much fun BUT the love is gone.

My husband and I haven’t had sex for 2 years, it’s very difficult to separate the reason, like when it comes to it, it has to be. I raised my son alone since the day he was born, and Manny also lost his mother at that time…

Everything has come to a head, our psyche and spirit have been affected more or less, although we have given each other a long time to see if we can improve, but more and more, we see that we are more like relatives than lovers or husband and wife. .

Manny is an indispensable part of my life, and love is not there anymore, like 2 sisters, 2 brothers, 2 friends, 2 soulmates… whatever is right! So we decided that we should liberate each other in terms of paperwork and legality so that if there is an opportunity for a new person, it is also the main road to go.

My husband loves his wife and children very much, I highly respect his dreams and ambitions, and I affirm to always support and support my husband in all aspects but will be in a different role. I also love my husband very much, but it’s like the predestined string until it breaks, it must be broken, but we should decide decisively so that each person can have a better new life!

Vietnamese people get married, there are many differences between foreigners and Vietnamese, culture is invisible but very important in marriage, we see that our views on life are not the same, so we gradually have a distance.

I really find my husband happier to live his life before without the burden of his wife and children. I have enough money to take care of my children, so all the issues of dividing economic assets are independent from the beginning, so now there is no problem to discuss at all!

Today, I want to announce to the whole family to officially enter a new chapter, so that there are no more marriage ties, all family members will continue to live and live well as before!

Dear mother-in-law, I kept my promise to give Manny a family and now will forever be Manny’s family, so don’t worry mom, we will definitely raise Snail together in the best way. !

I used to choose to be a single mother, so I’m sure I understand your thoughts and I believe you will support my decision now! I will always be your mother-in-law, the grandmother of the mother snail!

I thank my parents and family for always supporting and beside my family, I hope everyone will understand my daughter as before!

Wife thanks her husband for everything, for the best time of our lives, and for the wonderful DNA to have Snail now! Remember that the wife is always the husband’s family, hope the husband will succeed and achieve his dreams, have a lot of luck when he has to set up a business in a foreign country like this.

Husband has worked hard already, trying to get to Emmanuel Shin (aka Manny – PV).

Thank you to everyone and Mother Oc still looks forward to receiving everyone’s love in the upcoming journey! Excuse me and THANK YOU”.

According to Vietnamnet

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