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Female boxer in bikini “seeing through” won the World Boxing Championship belt

(Sports news, martial arts news) In the second time competing for the World Boxing Championship, the Australian martial arts woman was successful.

Video compilation of the match that made Bridges world champion:

For the second time in her career, having the opportunity to compete for the World Boxing Championship, the Australian female boxer decided to “play big” wearing a fragile bikini that “penetrated” some sensitive areas. Ebanie Bridges did this to help women’s boxing get more attention, and she also wanted the boxing promoter to look at her after many times the man turned his gaze away.

Female boxer in bikini "penetrating"  won the world boxing championship belt - 1

Bridges became the female boxing world champion

Before the IBF (51 kg) chicken title fight last weekend in the UK, the 35-year-old woman wore a very sexy bikini and walked in front of Eddie Hearn, forcing the promoter to look at her body.

Seducing the “boss” Hearn for the first time, it seemed to strengthen the “Sexy blonde bomb” to defeat Maria Roman, the reigning IBF belt holder.

After 10 intense rounds with a 39-year-old opponent, the beautiful Bridges was approved by the referees for a higher score than her opponent, and officially won the first World Boxing Championship. In April 2021, Bridges had a WBA chicken title match with Shannon Courtenay but could not beat the British opponent. That stage also lasted 10 innings and Bridges lost for points.

Female boxer in bikini "penetrating"  Win the World Boxing Championship - 3

Bridges (right) wore a daring bikini during the weight session

Thus, after 9 professional matches, the 35-year-old boxer has a record of 8 wins, 1 loss and is the reigning IBF world champion.

“A lot of people doubted that I couldn’t win the world championship, I proved them wrong. I can fight and get hotter and hotter. I’m proud of myself, I’m happy with what I’ve done. The championship belt is a worthy result for the efforts that I have put in,” said beautiful Bridges after winning the title.

According to the National Assembly (Ho Chi Minh City Tourism Magazine)

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