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Gold price in April can reach 70 million VND/tael?

Although the gold price has fluctuated recently, the fluctuation range is quite light, no longer shaking as strongly as in early March. However, according to experts, investors still keep a rather optimistic sentiment about gold price. gold on a large scale.

Kitco’s most recent survey showed that of the 16 Wall Street analysts who participated in the survey, 9 expected the price of the precious metal to go up.

Only 4 people think that the price of gold will decrease, and 3 people hold the view that the price will move sideways.

Gold price in April can reach 70 million VND/tael?  - first

Gold price may return to the threshold of 70 million VND/tael.

And in the online survey, the percentage of predicting gold price increase was more overwhelming with 560 out of 822 investors (68%) predicting a positive trend.

The world gold price is still standing at over 1,920 USD/ouce. Wall Street analysts and retail investors remain optimistic about the precious metal market with gold prices forecast to reach $2,000 an ounce in the near future.

Sean Lusk, head of commercial hedging at Walsh Trading, says that while gold fluctuates along with all financial markets, it will still shine as an alternative. He predicts that the price of gold will surpass $2,000 in the near future.

There is uncertainty everywhere and the question remains where the funds go. Investors should catch the bottom“, said Lusk.

According to market analyst David Madden at Equity Capital, the gold market is in a very strong uptrend. In the current environment, there are few factors that can hinder the precious metal’s upward direction.

Some experts also think that the gold price can easily return to the $ 2,000 mark when geopolitical tensions cannot disappear.

We are following what is happening in Ukraine. Honestly, nothing matters more to the market. It could change the calculation of risk”said Bart Melek, head of global strategy at TD Securities.

Domestic gold price affected by the world gold price. With the increasing momentum of the world gold market, many experts believe that the domestic gold price can reach 70 million VND/tael in the near future.

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