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Humorous essay exposing dad made the online community laugh

Children are carefree, parents always think: He is small, you know what. Yes, small is small, but please, those innocent eyes capture everything in the house outside the alley into sight. Try searching on google for a bit and see, how many articles describing dad are like peeling off. How many bad habits I tried to hide, I just let it all out. The teacher read it, the netizens read it… everyone laughed and wanted to faint while the main character probably just wanted to go to the ground, not joking.

Recently, netizens had the opportunity to laugh heartily at an extremely muddy essay by an elementary school student. Specifically, when he was assigned the topic of describing a relative, the boy chose his father and had some unmatchable descriptions: “My father going to work and staying at home are two different styles. Going to work, he applies glue, combs his hair, and packs his shirt like a young man who has not been married. Yet when he comes home, he lives as dirty as a pig. When I get home, I’ll throw my clothes and shoes away one by one. If only my dad were neater and cleaner, I would love him more.”

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Humorous essay makes me want to feel depressed after reading it!

What an essay that speaks to the heart… the wives. What’s more, there’s nothing strange about the scene where you guys come home from work tossing clothes and shoes everywhere. This is also one of the reasons why the sisters “kick the basket” and the family discord. However, whether there is a hot or cold “war”, it is also within the family, and here, the precious son “accidentally” mentioned all that, the father has lost his image.

I don’t know if the father feels… bitter when he reads his son’s “unique” essay, but people laugh at the simple, honest thought, and especially the element ” You can write whatever you see” of this student: “So cute. I’ve been teaching students until this writing exercise, and I also really enjoy reading self-written articles like that”; “Are you punching and rubbing at the same time?”; “There is an honest, lovely, and cunning conclusion from you”…

Instead of finding a sample text and relying on it to write, this student wrote down his thoughts, although it seemed humorous, through which everyone could feel his care and affection for his father. That’s why I see that wives are not sure to “unmask” their husbands as well as their children. Tinh-cam-da-con-toang-den-noi-20220328220600716.chn

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