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Karaoke staff arrested after raping 15-year-old girl

On March 29, the police of Tam Duong district (Vinh Phuc province) issued a decision to prosecute a criminal case and prosecute the accused in temporary detention against Luong Phu Quynh (SN 1979, hometown Yen Bai; an employee of a restaurant. karaoke in Tam Duong district) to investigate the crime of “Rape under 16 years old”.

According to the police, Quynh has 3 previous convictions, all of which have not been cleared of criminal records.

According to the initial investigation, Quynh had 3 times performed unwanted sexual acts with LTV (SN 2007, Lai Chau hometown).

Currently, the investigating agency is continuing to clarify whether this is an organized crime case and at the same time clarifying the subjects involved.

According to initial information, on the afternoon of March 16, Mr. LVP (in Lai Chau province) received a text message from LTV’s daughter (SN 2007) with the content saying that he was being beaten and raped.

About a week before the incident, LTV had come from Lai Chau province to Tam Duong district to work for a pho restaurant, but this girl was forced to work as a waitress at DB karaoke bar (Hop Hoa town, Tam district). Positive).

Immediately after receiving the message from V., Mr. P. immediately went to the Tam Duong District Police, Vinh Phuc to report.

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