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Man uses his own hair to create unique portraits

03/29/2022 09:59 GMT+7

This is how skillful Filipino sailor Jesstoni Garcia chose to help him relieve fatigue during long voyages at sea.

Jesstoni Garcia, 32, co-owner of a barbershop in Manila. This man’s main job is a sailor. Each year, he spends up to 8 months on cruise ships. But when going to the beach, he often lacks materials such as paints and brushes to fulfill his passion for art.

Man uses his own hair to create a unique portrait
Jesstoni Garcia uses her own hair to create a unique portrait

In 2021, he switched to using his own hair to create beautiful portraits. At first, he painted self-portraits and then turned to portraits of famous people.

Every few months when Jesstoni Garcia cuts her own hair with an electric trimmer, it’s also time to harvest art materials.

To create the paintings with her own hair, Jesstoni sprinkles clipped hair onto a blank white canvas, then uses a thin brush and clear plastic glue to arrange them into dramatic images.

Man uses his own hair to create unique portraits
Man uses his own hair to create a unique portrait
Hair portrait by Jesstoni Garcia

Normally, each Jesstoni Garcia portrait takes between two and five hours to arrange them into striking images.

Characters in these portraits are often famous musicians and actors. He only uses his own hair, sometimes shaving his sideburns when he needs more texture.

Jesstoni Garcia said doing this art helps him reduce stress because long trips affect physical and mental health.

“We need to find our own solutions to deal with depression. For me, I choose painting, making art,” said Jesstoni Garcia. He also hopes that after returning to the mainland, he will be able to sell his work.

Jesstoni Garcia is not the first person to use hair as a painting material. Previously, barber Li Hailing in Lingbao City, Henan Province, China created passionate and creative works from just scraps of hair. Or hairdresser Allen Chen in Zhanghua district, China.

Both barbers don’t use glue, so hair clippings are easily blown away by a gust of wind or a careless turn of the hand. They often take pictures of each picture and continue to create other portraits.

Meanwhile, artist Mateo Blanco of Colombian and American blood used to create a collection of celebrity portraits with dog hairs.

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