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Mitsubishi Xpander discount 40-70 million VND

In addition to the genuine discount, dealers are further reducing all versions of Xpander, the highest level of 70 million.

Cash discounts that dealers are applying for Xpander as follows:

VersionListed pricePriceReduction rate
Special AT63058050

(Unit: million dong)

The total amount of the promotion comes from two sources, supporting 50% of the registration fee from the factory and the agent actively reducing more.

MT version reduced at least, 40 million, while the Standard AT the highest decrease of 70 million. Customers can choose to buy the AT version for 560 million or 565 million and receive additional insulation film and floor covering.

Version Special AT reduced less, 50 million, because of more equipment such as 360-degree camera, 10-inch entertainment screen instead of 7-inch and the exterior has a set of sports stamps.

In addition to cash, customers can receive coupons for gas or accessories. The reduction will also be different for each agent, about 5-7 million VND difference.

Xpander at a Mitsubishi dealer in Ho Chi Minh City.  Photo: Thanh Nhan

Xpander at a Mitsubishi dealer in Ho Chi Minh City. Photo:Thanh Nhan

Dealers said that currently there are not many cars left, the AT version has fewer cars than the special version, mainly imported Indonesian cars, quite a few assembled cars.

With a deep discount, dealers expect Xpander to have more advantages when competing with two new Toyota products, namely: Avanza Premio and Veloz Cross which is generating public attention, but at the same time being sold “beer with peanuts”. The dealer said that in order to maintain its position in the segment, the upgrade of Xpander when returning home will have many noticeable changes, which will make customers even more confused between Xpander and Veloz.


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