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Mother is F0 nursing home treatment like?

According to the Ministry of Health, in case both mother and child are confirmed to have COVID-19, the mother can maintain breastfeeding. If the baby’s nose is stuffy and difficult to suckle, the mother needs to clean the baby’s nose before feeding. If the child is unable to suckle, express breast milk and feed it with a cup and spoon.

If only the mother is confirmed to have COVID-19, health care providers should advise the mother and family to weigh the benefits of breastfeeding against the risk that the infant may contract COVID-19.

Mother is F0 nursing home treatment like?  - first

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In case the mother decides to continue breastfeeding her baby

The mother needs to wash her hands regularly with soap and clean water or a quick hand sanitizer before feeding her baby and wear a mask every time she has close contact with the baby;

The mother must clean the udder once a day when cleaning the body, no need to clean before each feeding; If the mother coughs or sneezes, causing secretions to splash into the breast, wash the breast with clean water and soap, then dry it.

If the baby is not suckling, the health care provider should instruct the mother to express milk by hand (or with a tool) and feed the baby with a cup and spoon. Wash your hands regularly with soap and water or a quick hand sanitizer before expressing milk. Wear a mask during milking and feeding; Clean milking equipment, breast pump and feeding utensils such as cups and spoons (best sterilized by steaming or boiling).

Case health the mother progressed severely, unable to continue breastfeeding

In this case, the mother can use pasteurized milk from a breast milk bank (if available) or nourish the baby under the guidance of a health worker.

Health workers need to support mothers to breastfeed as soon as their health is stable.

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