Olympia question confuses contestants

This question seems simple but has defeated the Olympia contestants.

Road to Olympia is a program for elite students, so the questions must also have a certain difficulty to challenge the candidates.

Candidates not only need extensive knowledge but also need to be sharp and “jump number” quickly before the questions.

In this contest, the questions were short, but the limited time to answer and the pressure of the studio caused many contestants to get psychologically wrong and answer the simple questions incorrectly.

In the competition of the second quarter of Road to Olympia In the 22nd year, there was a relatively simple question, but all 4 candidates did not answer correctly.

The question has the following content: “What aquatic animal is roughly described as ‘spindle, chicken, buffalo skin, snake head’?”.

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Source: Road to Mount Olympia.

Similar to the program’s feature of evoking the candidates’ creativity and understanding, this question is interesting because it is highly realistic. However, during the answer time, the candidate gave the wrong answer and the remaining 3 candidates did not win the right to answer.

The answer to this question is: BABY THREE.

Ba ba in some regions in Vietnam is also called nail crab, which is the name of a family of reptiles belonging to the order Tortoise (Testudines). The body can be up to 1m long, each leg has 3 claws. The abdominal armor is open, not attached to the dorsal carapace.

The shell is covered with a soft skin, auxiliary respiration by the skin supports the lungs. Including 7 genera, 22-25 species. In older scientific classifications, this family was placed in the subclass or superorder Chelonia.

Olympia question is simple but makes candidates lose hands-2

They are slow-growing animals, their strength is closely related to environmental and weather conditions such as temperature, food quality… the temperature drops below 10 (°C), reduced appetite, and slow growth. , under the same conditions of rearing females grow faster than males.

They swim fast, dive for a long time thanks to the accessory respiratory organs in the throat that allow gas exchange right in the water. The neck can be elongated or recessed into the carapace. Specializes in eating animals. Lay eggs in sandy soil at the water’s edge.

Delicious bacon, considered a national specialty dish. The three were raised for meat.

The tortoise lays eggs on land, fertilize internally, the fertilization time can be up to 6 months, so when laying, the percentage of males is usually less than that of females. Main breeding season: late spring early autumn, each litter lays 10-15 eggs.

They often live in the bottom of rivers, streams, lagoons, lakes, ponds, they are voracious but slow to grow, aggressive like many other carnivores, but shy when they hear the loudest noise, thunder, when hungry they eat meat each other.

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