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Organic meals for schools in Lyon, France

The French city of Lyon is rolling out an ambitious plan to partner with local farmers to provide meals entirely from scratch. Organic food for all schools in the city. This plan is not only helping students receive delicious and nutritious meals, but is also helping to promote the local organic farming sector.

Whether in South America, Africa or Asia, kids don’t really enjoy school meals. The food is not really delicious and sometimes it is not healthy. How to make the dish more attractive in the eyes of students is very important. A year and a half ago, the City Council in Lyon, led by the Green Party, pledged to provide students with meals made from 100% organic food, 50% of which come from suppliers. local. This is a daunting task, especially for a city as large as Lyon, where 126 school canteens serve more than 3 million meals a year.

Meals from organic food for schools in Lyon, France - Photo 1.

Stéphanie Léger – Deputy Mayor of Lyon City, France said: “We will increase our support for organic agriculture, we want to cooperate with farmers who are supplying organic products and also those who supply organic products. people who are looking to convert to organic agriculture or increase their organic production. The aim is to create an efficient food supply chain for schools.”

This ambitious plan by the city of Lyon would not have been possible without the support of Mr. Adrien Mazet’s organic cooperative in the west of the city. This cooperative has helped about 80 local producers to convert to organic farming.

Adrien Mazet said: “It is necessary to show producers, farmers like us, who have not yet decided to convert to organic food production, that the demand for organic products is there. I also really hope that organic farming will be the only future for farms in France and around the planet.”

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