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Rare: The couple gave birth to a child at the age of nearly 70-Young friend

Tuesday, March 29, 2022 15:23 PM (GMT+7)

Talking about the case of a couple having a child at the age of approximately 70, the doctor could not help but be amazed: “In many years of working in the profession, this is the first time I have seen it”.

Rare: The couple gave birth at the age of nearly 70 - 1

Mr. Hoang happily received his son from the operating room at the end of October 2019. Photo: SCMP.

Ms. Dien Tan Ju and Mr. Hoang Duy Binh from Zao Trang, Shandong, China, welcome their youngest daughter at the Institute of Obstetrics and Gynecology and Child Health, of Shandong Hospital on October 25, 2019. At that time, Mr. Hoang was 68 years old and Mrs. Dien was 67 years old.

According to the media, Ms. Dien Tan Cuc had stopped menstruating for nearly 20 years, so doctors initially suspected that she had in vitro fertilization and thought that the possibility of natural conception was almost zero. Ms. Dien herself admitted that being pregnant with her was a complete surprise. She was tired at first, so she went to the hospital to get some tonic. After a few days of drinking, she started bleeding again. Thinking she was sick, she went to the doctor, and eventually found out she was pregnant.

“It’s a miracle that this age can get pregnant naturally. This chance is better than winning the lottery,” said a doctor from Shandong Hospital.

Rare: The couple gave birth at the age of nearly 70 - 3

Mr. Hoang takes care of his wife after surgery. Photo: Thepaper.

At that time, doctors advised her and her husband to consider aborting the child because pregnancy at her age posed too many risks. However, Mr. Hoang still insists: “Children are given by God, they must be born”. With that in mind, he named his son Thien Tu, with the meaning “gift from heaven”.

Talking about the case of Mr. Hoang and his wife, the Head of the Department of Maternal and Child Health Protection of Shandong Hospital once exclaimed: “This natural birth is a miracle. In many years of working in the profession, this is the first time. my head is witnessed”.

With the birth of baby Thien Tu, Ms. Tian became the oldest woman to give birth naturally in China, surpassing the previous record of a woman from Changchun, Jilin province. This person gave birth to a baby boy in 2016, at the age of 64.

It is known that Mr. Hoang is a lawyer, and Ms. Dien was a doctor before retiring. They all have pensions so they can raise their daughter without relying on anyone.

Rare: The couple gave birth at the age of nearly 70 - 4

The daughter named Thien Tu of Mr. Hoang and his wife.

Hoang Duy Binh’s day starts at 7 am. His 2-year-old daughter would wake up and cry for half an hour. Since then, he has been cleaning the room, cleaning, dressing his daughter, and preparing breakfast. At all times, the 71-year-old man’s forehead was covered with sweat.

However, feeding the baby is the hardest job. The girl has a habit of eating street food, making her father often have to run after her while holding a bowl of rice. Each meal Mr. Hoang takes from 45 minutes to an hour to feed his daughter. Just like that, a day goes by with this father that feeds him, plays with him, cooks, does laundry and follows him everywhere at all times.

To maintain fitness, the 71-year-old man usually exercises for an hour a day. “I have to try to live a long life so that I can raise my child,” he said.

Previously, during his wife’s confinement, Mr. Hoang used to hire a nanny to take care of his children from 8am to 6pm at a cost of 4,800 yuan/month (more than 16 million dong). But after 2 months, he let this person quit because he felt insecure. From there he decided to do everything himself as a nanny.

Every day, Mr. Hoang only has 5 hours to sleep. Most of the rest of the time he spends taking care of and playing with his children. “As a father, I have to give my all to my daughter,” the elderly father shared.

In addition to their daughter Thien Tu, Hoang and his wife also take care of and raise a niece, who is 17 years old this year. The girl was raised by one of her grandparents from the time she was born because her parents divorced.

From childhood to adulthood, the granddaughter almost never left him for half a step. But now all day, the two hardly spoke to each other. In adolescence, she became more and more closed, only when she needed something did she actively speak up.

The year Thien Tu was born, the niece’s attitude completely changed, even when eating, she did not sit with her grandparents. Before each meal, Mr. Hoang prepares a separate meal for her in front of her room, otherwise she will starve. That’s how the granddaughter reacts to… not wanting more aunties.

Not only his granddaughter, when he learned that his mother was pregnant, his first two children (this year over 40 years old) also reacted fiercely. While angry, the daughter once announced that she would leave her parents if she had more children. In fact, the day Ms. Dien gave birth to Thien Tu, there was only Mr. Hoang waiting outside the operating room. That was also when Mr. Hoang realized that he had to be very healthy and live a long life to raise Thien Tu into a human.

The 71-year-old father’s persistence with his young daughter also comes from some regrets in the past. Mr. Hoang said that for decades, even though he was the father of two children, in fact, he was absent from the process of growing up. “The lawyer’s work is busy, most of the care for the children and their education is shouldered by my wife,” Mr. Hoang confided.

Rare: The couple gave birth at the age of nearly 70 - 5

Mr. Hoang plays with his little daughter. Photo: QQ

So since knowing that his wife was pregnant with the youngest daughter, the fatherhood arose in him once again. At that moment, he thought, if he could do it again, he would be a good father.

Another reason is that after giving birth, Ms. Dien Tan Cuc’s health declined seriously. Her knees ached, every time she worked hard, her back hurt. This woman had to undergo 3 eye surgeries because of retinal detachment, most of her teeth fell out and had to wear dentures.

Not only that, she also suffers from memory loss. The mother does not remember clearly what size shoes her daughter wears, which side of her diaper is first and which side is behind.

Mr. Hoang said that Mrs. Tan Cuc was too strict and had no patience with young children. Since his wife has high blood pressure, he doesn’t want her to be angry all the time. Therefore, no matter what he does or goes, the father takes his little daughter with him.

He used to have his own law firm, but because he was busy taking care of his children, in 2019, he handed it over to his partner. However, in order to earn extra income to support his children and grandchildren, he recently took up a number of jobs. One day, he stayed up until 1-2 am. “Try to live a long life”, Mr. Hoang reminded himself because he knew that Thien Tu still had a long way to go.

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