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Shivering warning of disaster

“Many geologists believe that geological events are random over time, but our study provides statistical evidence for a common cycle: these geological events are correlated and not random”, Geologist Michael Rampino from New York University (USA), lead author of the study, said on Science Alert.

Dr Rampino and his colleagues analyzed the ages and patterns of occurrence of 89 known geological events from the past 260 million years.

Detecting that the Earth has a 'heartbeat': A chilling warning of disaster - 1

Disaster chart of the Earth over the past 260 million years. (Photo: Geoscience Frontiers)

It is a series of volcanic activities, continental inundation basalt eruptions, anoxic ocean events, plate restructuring, sea level rise, closely related to mass extinction events – the “end days”. status” of many species, in every way that the human imagination and film can express.

Mysteriously and terrifyingly, they gathered the 89 disasters into eight major “world-changing” clusters of events, forming a regular, heartbeat-like graph with “disaster pulses”.

Since about a century ago, there have been scattered studies showing that the Earth seems to have a major disaster every 30 million years, or 26.2 million years, or 30.6 million years.

But with the latest calculations, the authors claim the exact number is 27.5 million years for each “catastrophic beat” of the planet’s heart. It is also a time period that always ghostly coincides with mass extinction events.

The team suggested a number of possible causes for Earth’s catastrophic “heartbeat”: due to the comet’s strike cycle, due to the impact of some “planet X”.

However, in their latest publication in Geoscience Frontiers, they suggest that these tectonic and climate change cyclic pulses may be the result of geophysical processes related to the dynamics of plate tectonics and cyclic changes of the coating.

It’s also possible that the Earth’s mantle and core – what drives plate tectonics – are also cyclical because of the Earth’s movement in the solar system and galaxy.

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