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Singer Crystal divorces her Korean husband

On her personal page on the morning of March 29, female singer Crystal shared: “My father and I have officially broken up. Actually, those who know my family will know that this is not a new story, everything has been going on for a long time, even when we took this picture, we were all alone. I don’t know what everyone’s opinion is, but with my family, Manny and I don’t have any discord, no 3rd person, no quarrel, no fight and no enmity, we are very It’s always fun, but love is no longer there.”

What surprised many people was that Pha Le revealed that she and her husband had not had sex for the past 2 years even though they were still living together: “My husband and I haven’t had sex for 2 years, it’s very difficult to separate the reason, like when it comes to it, it has to be. I raised my son alone since the day he was born, and Manny also lost his mother at that time… everything came to our mind and spirit was affected more or less, even though we showed each other for a long time. Can we improve anything, but more and more we see that we are more like relatives than lovers or husband and wife.

Manny is an indispensable part of his life, and love is not there anymore, like two sisters, two brothers, two friends, two soul mates… that’s right! So we decided that we should liberate each other in terms of paperwork and legality so that if there is an opportunity for a new person, it is also the main way to go.”

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Singer and wife Crystal

Crystal confided that the cause of the breakup could be due to cultural differences: “Culture is an invisible but very important thing in marriage, we see that our views on life are different, so we gradually distanced ourselves from each other. I really feel that my husband is happier when he is able to live his life first. here, when there is no burden of wife and children”.

In addition, Pha Le also thanked her family and mother-in-law. She promised her mother-in-law that even if they broke up, they would still raise their daughter together in the best way. Even though they are no longer companions in the upcoming journey, they will still give each other a certain respect and gratitude: “Wife thanks her husband for everything, for the best time of our lives, and the wonderful DNA to have you Snail now! Remember that wives are always husband’s family, hope husband will succeed and achieve his dreams, have a lot of luck when he has to set up a career in a foreign country like this, he has worked hard already, keep trying.”

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Crystal couple and little daughter

In 2020, Pha Le went public with her Korean-American boyfriend. The couple registered their marriage in July 2020 and returned to the same house, but have not yet married. They have a lovely daughter, affectionately named Snail. The girl is now more than 1 year old, chubby, lovely. During the past time, Pha Le has regularly updated pictures of her happy life with her husband and daughter. Therefore, the news of the singer’s divorce surprised many people.

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