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Slapping Chris Rock, Will Smith was proposed to revoke the Oscars

In a statement on social media on March 28, the American Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences (AMPAS) condemned Will Smith’s violent act at the 2022 Academy Awards. has opened an official investigation surrounding the incident.

Slapping Chris Rock, Will Smith was proposed to revoke the Oscar - 1

The Academy condemns Will Smith’s violent behavior.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Will Smith is subject to disciplinary action, including possible suspension of AMPAS membership. However, the newspaper said that the possibility of the actor born in 1968 having the “Best Actor” award revoked is unlikely, despite the fact that some members of the Academy have proposed this penalty.

Before that, a source close to revealed to CNNshortly after Will Smith slapped Chris Rock on stage live, AMPAS management convened an emergency meeting to discuss whether to kick the “King Richard” actor from the awards ceremony.

However, the plan fell through because the decision-makers of the Academy, sitting in different positions in the Dolby Theater (Los Angeles), could not quickly be present for the meeting before announcing the winner. “Best Actor” category.

In the end, Will Smith was still accepted and apologized to the Academy and everyone else, except Chris Rock, in his speech.

Slapping Chris Rock, Will Smith was proposed to revoke the Oscar - 2

Will Smith was almost kicked out of the Oscars.

After the ceremony, the organizers of the Oscars 2022 took to Twitter a short statement: “The Academy does not tolerate violence of any kind. Tonight, we’re thrilled to honor the winners of the 94th Academy Awards. They deserve to be recognized for this moment by their peers and movie buffs around the world.” .

On Monday morning (March 28, local time), at least 10 members of AMPAS sat down to discuss the public’s reaction to the noisy Will Smith slapping Chris Rock.

According to sources, the meeting was described as “hot” and “divisive”. The attendees were all influential and familiar, including actors and directors. They don’t have positions, but their reputations are high enough to influence the decisions of the Academy’s leadership.

Some disagreed with the Academy’s short statement after the awards ceremony. Besides that, others claim that the situation has been properly resolved, no further steps are needed.

It is not yet clear if the AMPAS leadership plans to hold any more meetings about the noise. The Board of Directors has the right to discipline members who violate the code of conduct by voting to suspend or expel from the Academy. It is known that more than 9,000 members of AMPAS have the right to vote.

Slapping Chris Rock, Will Smith was proposed to revoke the Oscar - 3

The Academy is considering disciplinary action against Will Smith.

According to the Los Angeles Police Department, Chris Rock decided not to file a complaint against Will Smith.

The “Genie” side publicly apologized to the comedian on social networks. However, Chris Rock did not have any reaction. Source of TMZ said, Chris Rock had no bad intentions, he didn’t even know Jada Pinkett Smith had hair loss.

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