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Standard style silk shirt from Korean movie heroine to elegant French lady

Soft and gentle silk material has never stopped women from falling in love. Not only with high-class feminine dresses, but also silk shirts are also items that women love. Not “unlucky” like silk skirts, silk shirts with spacious comfortable design and soft shiny materials help women to wear it to be slim and elegant. From the designs Shirts From basic to feminine blouse styles, silk materials are all conquered, giving her a charming, sweet but no less seductive appearance.

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Silk shirt is a guarantee for a luxurious and elegant look, suitable from the office to formal events of women aged 30+. No matter how you dress, simple or personal, discreetly inviting, silk shirts are still beautiful in every way, helping her 30+ attract all eyes around.

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Combined with jeans, or skirts, silk shirts bring a set of classic and bold 90s style outfits. It is because the material is so soft and elegant that silk shirts can be transformed. Every set of clothes becomes elegant, graceful and luxurious.

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The girls who are a bit full are often afraid to wear silk clothes because they are afraid that the hot material of silk can make their figure bad. Many people are mercilessly betrayed by the soft silk dress itself, but the silk shirt is different. If you are full or thin, you will still be slim when wearing a silk shirt, just choose the slightly spacious designs to be luxurious.

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The simplest way to have a sweet look like a French muse is to complement your wardrobe with bright silk shirt designs. And if the girls like a slightly mature and luxurious look, then colors such as purple-violet, earth-brown… are the best choices right now. The quiet classic of silk shirts always pleases women, enough to conquer all eyes of men.

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Unlike other stand-up designs, silk shirts with perfect drapes create a layering piece that can’t be more romantic and flighty than right now. The best set of clothes is a two-piece skirt over a silk shirt with a tie, a few buttons indifferently, a shoulder pull… all of these are gentle but extremely sexy touches for every girl. .

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It is impossible not to mention the soft silk blouse designs that surely make them drunk just by looking at them. Compared to basic shirts, blouse designs are somewhat more elegant and luxurious than some of the jewels.

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With gentle and soft stylization, the silk blouse cleverly hacks the slim and slender figure for the girls to wear beautifully to the office. This is also an office shirt model that is enthusiastically promoted by the female leads of Korean films.

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