Staying up late or waking up early, what is the “true” way to success?

The golden period of 90% of successful entrepreneurs

Waking up early in recent times is not only a must-do but is becoming a strong trend. By waking up earlier than others, you are making better use of the time in your life. A lot of celebrities choose between 4am and 6am to do the most important things.

Writers who have a habit of writing early in the morning can be mentioned as Murakami Haruki who sleeps at 9pm and wakes up at 4am to work. He talk that: “Repetition, in itself, is very important.”

Writer Ernest Hemingway used to write books early in the morning starting at 6am. Kurt Vonnegut – father of Cradle for kittens, Night Mother… I usually wake up at 5:30am and end the day at 10pm.

Not only writers but 90% of successful entrepreneurs wake up before 6:30 am. Tim Cook – Apple CEO starts work at 4:30 to come up with ideas for new products. Mark Zugkerberg chooses the time of 6:30 to write code every day. Bill Gates also left the house at 6:30.

Many studies show that early morning time brings very good energy. After a deep sleep, the body is regenerated and restored. When you wake up, your mind will be clear and clear. This is considered a “golden time” to help plan and solve everything more scientifically.

Alertness and memory can increase by 15% to 30% between two and a half to four hours after waking. Successful people advise that you should take the time to do the hard work and make decisions during this time.

Many celebrities even spend their mornings exercising and meditating to improve mental health and strength. Mr. Jack Dorsey, CEO of Twitter and Square companies, always has the habit of jogging for 30 minutes in the morning before going to work. Meanwhile, billionaire Jack Bezos often exercises on the treadmill at 6am before going to the office.

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Stay up late in the city public and the problems faced

Besides the successful early risers, there are also many successful people who have the habit of staying up late. Some typical examples can be mentioned such as: billionaire Elon Musk, former British Prime Minister Winston Churchill, Rand Fishkin – CEO of Moz, Matt Sweetwood – CEO and chairman of beBee… They often stay up until 1-2 am. to work and get up late the next morning.

These successful people believe that the night is the time when their brains are most active, most focused. They feel no problem because the body is used to this lifestyle, forming a fixed circadian rhythm.

I believe that many of us are “night owls” and tend to get up very late. However, for people who work and go to school on a fixed schedule, you will not have enough time to sleep to make up for the shortfall as well as exercise for strength training, when waking up often extremely tired and sluggish.

Besides, to form the habit of staying up late, we have to pull the body over the threshold of sleepiness and fatigue after a long day. Normally, the threshold for the body to want to rest starts at 11pm.

When crossing this threshold, the body and mind will be completely awake because the next day’s energy will compensate, normally we call it “sleep”. If this lasts for a long time, it will be completely unhealthy in terms of health. Staying up late makes people prone to memory loss, problems with the stomach, heart, stroke, rapid aging …

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Stay up late or get up early? must be the key?

Waking up early or staying up late is a way for people to have more time to live and work. At the same time, this is also a way to take advantage of the most effective times of the mind and brain to improve work performance.

But you have to understand that staying up late or getting up early won’t mean anything for your success if you don’t train yourself to focus, control your time and prioritize work. Successful people always know how to do the job optimally.

How can you be successful when you are deliberately avoiding the most difficult and important tasks? Many people try to stay up later, get up earlier, but spend hours on things that do not serve their own interests, prolonging the time to complete their work.

Learning to follow the daily routine of successful people is great, but it will be more effective when you train their way of thinking and working.

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