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Super car without reverse gear costs 16 billion to return to Vietnam

After more than a year of world debut, McLaren’s new hybrid supercar, Artura, has officially sought orders in Vietnam with the asking price from 16 billion VND.

Super car hybrid between gasoline engine and electric (hybrid) McLaren Artura has officially been priced in Vietnam after more than 1 year of world launch. This is a hybrid supercar model with no production limit, but car owners can still order personalization if they are willing to spend more than the listed price of 16 billion VND.

Thus, compared to rival Lamborghini selling in Vietnam, McLaren Artura has the same price Huracan LP610-4 but cheaper than Huracan LP610-4 (over 21 billion dong).

Super car without reverse gear costs 16 billion to return to Vietnam
McLaren Artura is priced at 16 billion VND in Vietnam

A special feature of McLaren’s new supercar, in addition to the hybrid engine, also owns a lightweight carbon fiber structure (MCLA) – including a compact electric motor system and wire reduction, helping Artura have a dry mass. The minimum weight is only 1,395 kg, of which the total mass of the hybrid powertrain system weighs only about 130 kg (including the 88 kg electric battery pack and 15.4 kg electric motor).

In addition, this is the first McLaren supercar without a reverse gear despite being equipped with an 8-speed dual-clutch transmission. The reason is that the British supercar company has designed the reverse function to be used mainly on the electric motor, and the driver will control it through the 8th level on the dashboard. In theory, the electric motor on the car will travel entirely on electricity for a maximum distance of 30 km and will be recharged when the gasoline engine operates.

The above special design will help the McLaren Artura supercar save fuel when moving slowly or backward in showrooms and display locations.

Super car without reverse gear costs 16 billion to return to Vietnam
The interior of the car has been supplemented with an entertaining design with a large screen and smartphone connectivity.

In terms of power, McLaren Artura only counts the V8 Twin-Turbo petrol engine, which gives the car a capacity of 585 horsepower and 585 Nm of torque. Combining a powerful 95 hp/225 Nm electric motor will bring the total capacity to 680 hp and a total torque of 720 Nm. This power helps the car only take 3 seconds to reach 100km / h from a standstill and the top speed is limited to 330km / h, 0.2 seconds faster than rival Lamborghini Huracan LP610-4.

Super car without reverse gear costs 16 billion to return to Vietnam
Control the gearbox right behind the steering wheel, integrated on the instrument cluster, of which number 8 is an electric feature.

The British supercar company equips Artura with a number of new safety systems such as adaptive automatic throttle hold, lane departure warning, automatic high beams and road sign recognition. At the same time, the Artura is the first McLaren to have the new MIS II infotainment system with a high-definition touch screen, combining Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. What was previously criticized by McLaren supercars was less entertainment, focusing only on driving feeling.

Dinh Quy (Picture McLaren)

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