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The 1st floor apartment 2nd floor is always the worst, don’t buy cheap and you will regret it

Many families, when buying a house, have exhausted all their savings, 30-year mortgage burden, it can be said that they have an overdraft, and their future purchasing power is also greatly reduced. So for the first house, people can live in it for decades.

Some buyers are more superstitious about floors such as 4, 14, 24, etc. because the homonymous numbers “4” and “death” make people feel that this floor is not good, very good. But in fact, these 3 floors are not recommended to buy because after all, people buy houses to live in, not for luck.

Apartments on the first and second floors are always amp;#34;eamp;#34;  Best of all, don't be greedy to buy something cheap, you will regret it - 1

The first floor has no courtyard

For the first floor with a yard, of course it is very good, so it will also be stolen quickly by buyers. But for the first floor without a courtyard, the disadvantages far outweigh the advantages.

You need to know that for the first floor it will be more comfortable to travel, usually you don’t need to take the elevator when you go out, power outages or elevator maintenance will not affect the movement of occupants on the first floor.

However, for the first floor, the front building will block light and ventilation, which causes poor lighting and ventilation efficiency in the building on the first floor. In this case, the interior on the 1st floor will be dark and humid, especially on a rainy day, moisture will enter, making the interior even more humid.

In addition, the first floor is often disturbed by mosquitoes, especially in summer, at night the doors and windows of the first floor must be closed, otherwise they will be bitten by mosquitoes, unable to sleep.

Apartments on the first and second floors are always amp;#34;eamp;#34;  The best, don't be tempted to buy cheap, you'll regret it - 3

2nd floor has poor drainage

For the 2nd floor it is more convenient to travel, even if you don’t use the lift, you can easily go up and down the stairs. This makes elevator maintenance less relevant for occupants on the 2nd floor and does not affect normal travel at all. The second floor is also not as humid as the first floor, although the lighting and ventilation is not very good, at least better than the first floor. Of course, this is not the main problem.

Currently, the 1st floor houses are all drained independently, which causes the 2nd floor houses to suffer from drainage problems of the whole building. For the 2nd floor, if the drainage efficiency is not good, it is easy to cause back seepage.

After all, in a building, some occupants will always throw some kind of odor down the drain, such as kitchen waste,… These insoluble items can clog the drains, causing 2nd floor homes to end up with clogged drains. After the water was turned over, the room on the second floor would be wet with dirt, giving off a strong odor. So, for a 2nd floor with poor drainage, it’s definitely not an option.

Apartments on the first and second floors are always amp;#34;eamp;#34;  Best of all, don't buy cheap, you'll regret it - 4

waist lining

The so-called waist layer is the upper and lower layer of the waist, and the waist is the elevated beam part of the building, mainly used for decoration and beauty building, without any practical effect.

As for waist circumference, there is also a big drawback. First of all, the garbage and dust on the waist is easy to accumulate, making the dust on the waist can enter the upper waist when it is windy, the dust is difficult to clean. And for this type of dust will also affect indoor air quality, people who inhale too much dust will also affect health.

In addition, rainwater is also easily accommodated in the waist circumference, after years of being eroded, the waist circumference will be absorbed by rainwater, causing water seepage in houses below the waist. In addition, problems such as peeling outer walls, moldy walls and distinctive odors will also arise.

And for the waist circumference, it will also block the light effect of the lower layer of the waist circumference, thereby producing a bad effect in the living room below the waist circumference, which is usually darker.

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