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The car that was in an accident, crumpled the body, was still running on the road

03/29/2022 19:52 GMT+7

The image of a car having an accident, its body completely deformed but still rolling on the road attracts the attention of netizens.

The social network is spreading a clip recording perhaps a unique image, attracting the attention of netizens.

According to the clip, on the road there are many vehicles participating in traffic. There was a gray 5-seater car that was also slowly rolling in front of the car with the camera. What caught the attention of the community was that this car seemed to have just had an accident, the whole body was completely deformed. But in a “miracle” way, there is still a driver who can control the car on the road.

The car had an accident with its body broken and still running on the road
Image cut from clip

The “mobile iron block” still has a signal light system to signal lane change and still accelerates to pass the tank truck ahead like a complete car.

The clip quickly attracted tens of thousands of reactions, comments and shares from netizens. Many people admire the brave driver when he dares to drive a car with only 4 intact wheels, but many people disagree because of this dangerous behavior:

“Expression of stubbornness. Just one ambulance trip can bring the car to the garage safely for everyone”;

“Why let the driver risk his life like that? Not only that car, but also many vehicles on the road, what if it accidentally crashes while driving, causing an accident? What if it’s stubborn? but”;

“The car is too durable, the body is crumpled, but the engine is still running well”;

“Maybe the driver controls the car remotely, but there is no place to sit and drive it? It’s disabled but not disabled”;

If you, seeing a completely deformed car running on the road like that, what would you do?

Lam Giang

Clip: MXH

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