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The crazy Mercedes car case in Quang Ninh caused an accident that caused the woman to cut off her limbs

On March 28, the police of Mong Cai city, Quang Ninh province reported on an accident caused by a Mercedes in Mong Cai city, causing 1 person to be injured and 1 woman to die on the spot.

After the incident, the investigating agency and the Procuracy of the same level examined the scene, examined the vehicle, performed an autopsy, and summoned the driver Hoang Cong Trung to work. Initially determined that driver Hoang Cong Trung did not use alcohol; Authorities took a urine sample from the driver for drug testing.


Image of driver Hoang Cong Trung leaving a Mercedes GL400 after causing a terrible accident that left 2 people injured – Photo: OFFB

The initial cause was determined to be that Hoang Cong Trung was driving the car without control of the speed, going on the wrong side of the road. The Mong Cai City Police Department is coordinating with the People’s Procuracy of the same level to collect relevant documents and handle driver Hoang Cong Trung according to regulations.

From a legal perspective, lawyer Dang Van Cuong – Hanoi Bar Association said that according to the progress of the clip, the car rushed into the house, then backed out and then ran away. Authorities will verify and clarify the identity of the driver, clarify the consequences of the accident, and the cause of the accident to settle the case in accordance with the law.

An important thing in this case is to clarify the relationship between the victim and the person causing the traffic accident.


Lawyer Dang Van Cuong – Hanoi Bar Association

In case the victim is killed or seriously injured and the victim is killed with the driver of the vehicle who has an animosity conflict or has other relationships that suspect retaliation, the investigating agency will also clarify the cause of the incident. If there are grounds to show that the act of using a vehicle to kill another person or ram a car into another person, it will be criminally prosecuted for murder, even if the victim is not dead.

As for the case of a traffic accident that causes serious consequences, but between the victim and the vehicle driver there is no known relationship, no animosity, usually there will be no suspicion of the intentional incident.

Doctor, lawyer Dang Van Cuong said: “In case the verification results of the competent authorities show that there has been a violation of the regulations on driving a road vehicle, causing serious consequences and the fault of the driver, the investigation agency will initiate an investigation. prosecute the criminal case and prosecute the accused against the vehicle driver for the crime of violating the regulations on driving road vehicles according to article 260 of the penal code.

Acts of causing an accident and then fleeing, failing to give first aid to the victim or not having an appropriate driving license or using alcohol or drugs leading to a traffic accident, these are aggravating circumstances of criminal liability. Violators will face a penalty frame of imprisonment from 3 years to 10 years in prison..

Before that, at about 16:15 on March 27, Hoang Cong Trung (SN 1979, HKTT in Nam Tho area, Tra Co ward, Mong Cai city) drove a black Mercedes GL400 brand car, BKS 14A-604.17 moving. on Hoang Van Thu Street in the direction from Hoa Lac Primary School to Nguyen Du Street and directly crashed into the door of 113 Nguyen Du, Hoa Lac Ward, causing the tempered glass door of the house to be completely broken, the wall of the house next left cracked.

Mercedes rammed into people’s houses and caused a serious accident

After that, the driver drove the car back and moved at high speed towards Hoa Binh bridge, continued to collide with motorbike BKS 14H8-2363 owned by Mrs. NTV (SN 1966, residing in Hoa Lac ward, TP. Mong Cai) and motorcycle BKS 14K1-268.24 driven by Ms. NTH (born 1988, residing in village 6, Hai Xuan commune, Mong Cai city). The strong collision caused Ms. NTV’s death, and Ms. NTH’s face was swollen.

After causing the accident, the car driven by Hoang Cong Trung continued to rush towards the roundabout of Hoa Binh Bridge, then crashed through the railing on the right, fell into the open ground before stopping. nam-tu-20220328220722712.chn

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