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The Internet shock was the times when Selena Gomez showed her bust as if she wanted to “jump” out

Due to the side effects of oral drugs used to treat Lupus, her weight Selena Gomez quite erratic. At first, Selena’s curvaceous images surprised everyone, but gradually everyone got used to it. She is also one of the few celebrities who are praised for gaining weight. Because at this time, Selena Gomez’s body is much more plump, especially her bust is full and full. That’s why every time the female singer wears clothes that show off this point, the social network immediately shakes up.

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Tied up with her hair so that people can see the “bigger mounds” just waiting to come out of the fragile cup dress, Selena Gomez created the most “iconic” moment in her Instagram career. One can even clearly see the blue veins running along her body

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When you have such an attractive bust, what do you need for fancy dresses or outstanding colors? Just a black off-shoulder or busty dress like Selena Gomez is enough

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Well, once you decide to excel, you have to “go to the dock” like Selena. Looking at Selena Gomez in a banana green mini dress, many people probably wonder if she has trouble breathing anymore.

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The temperature in the photo shoot must have exceeded 100 degrees with Selena’s breasts not only full but also cool

The Internet shock was the times when Selena Gomez showed her breasts as if she wanted to jump out - Photo 5.

The picture of her sitting on a boat at an Italian river, wearing a floral patterned dress and square-neck polka dots also once made people crazy. Compared to the times above with careful makeup, Selena Gomez in this photo is almost minimal in makeup but still beautiful and radiant.

The Internet shock was the times when Selena Gomez showed off her bust as if she wanted to jump out - Photo 6.

Also, to mention the time when she took a selfie and pressed the “natural court” to the camera so sexy that she held her breath

And there are countless times when Selena Gomez makes the audience “spray blood” because of her sexy body. She doesn’t consider weight an important issue and still confidently wears tight, provocative cut-out outfits

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