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The Italian team littered indiscriminately, causing outrage, condemning the play-off format of the World Cup qualifiers

A video is being spread on social networks about the poor consciousness of Italian players after the recent match against North Macedonia.


The scene indiscriminately in the dressing room after the Italian team left

Despite only having to meet a weak opponent North Macedonia in the semi-finals of the qualifying play-off World Cup 2022 In Europe, coach Roberto Mancini’s Italy team unexpectedly suffered a bitter 0-1 defeat, thereby missing the finals for the second time in a row. World Cup.

Italy's indiscriminate littering caused outrage, condemning the World Cup qualifying play-off format - 1

Unsightly images in the dressing room of Italy after the loss to North Macedonia

The sadness and frustration of the Italian stars were probably vented into the dressing room after the game. A video circulating on social media shows a shocking scene in the dressing room at Renzo Barbera (Palermo) stadium when the Italian team leaves.

“Bottles, scraps of food, even half-smoked cigarette butts are scattered all over the room,” the Italian press described, with criticisms of the players’ consciousness. When asked about this at the press conference before the friendly match against Turkey (1h45, 30/3), midfielder Leonardo Bonucci apologized on behalf of the whole team.

“We made a big mistake, next time we will pay more attention. At that time we were very depressed, did not expect it to be so harmful. We will pay more attention in the next games, sorry everyone,” Bonucci said.

Meanwhile, Italy’s communications director Paolo Corbi said the fault was not entirely on the team: “It was something we took lightly, we have apologized to the Palermo club. We were in a bit of a hurry at that time because we had to catch a flight back to Coverciano, while the mood of the whole team was depressed. I must say, though, that the condition of the dressing room when we left was not as bad as it was in that video. It’s not entirely our fault.”

Share more about being excluded from World Cup Finals, Bonucci criticized the one-legged format of the play-offs: “Everything is decided in one match, what an absurd rule. We went to the qualifiers to play home and away, and then it went like this.

In other leagues, there are teams that get in even though they lose 4-5 games. And we were eliminated by a goal in the 92nd minute, and that was our only defeat. This new format is crazy.”

Bonucci may mean Uruguay and Ecuador, teams that have already qualified for the World Cup despite losing six matches in qualifying.

According to Minh Duc (Ho Chi Minh City Tourism Magazine)

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